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How to move a mailbox across a forest from Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2007

We purchased a company and they are using Exchange 2003.  I need to move their mailboxes over to our 2 new Exchange 2007 servers.  I found the "Move Mailbox" wizard but it looks like the wizard can only see storage groups within our forest. Is this correct?   Do I need to use the power shell cmdlet Move-mailbox?  If so does anyone have an example of the command to use?  Would that command leave a copy of the mailbox on the source server?
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yes we have a 2 way domain trust up and we are using ADMT to move the domain accounts over.
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How do I use the "Move-Mailbox" command for multiple users at once?
This is a downloadable excerpt from a great book, I recommend you buy. Check page 177 using the DL link below. It details moving mailboxes in a database and accross domains or forests. Good Luck.
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Thank you,
I was able to move the mailbox but it created a "LInked Mailbox" on the Exchange 2007.  My question is once I move all the mailboxes how do I cleanup all the "Linked Mailboxes" or do I just leave them linked?
If it's assocated with an acocunt on the trusted (other domain) then I believe it's left linked...

You can however, change it from linked to user using this method.

1) disable the mailbox (This disconnects the mailbox from the user)
2) Go to Disconnected mailboxes and connect to server, then connect mailbox to existing user.
3) This changed the Recipient Type to User Mailbox. 

Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks
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I found out that if you use the Move-Mailbox command with the "SourceMailboxCleaupOptions" than it will leave the mailboxed as linked.  But if you use the Move-Mailbox with our the cleanup options than it will create a standard user mailbox.  We decided not to use the cleanup options during our migration.

Thanks for your help