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How can I return laptop screen to Display 1 after removing second monitor?

I currently have a second monitor attached to laptop.  It is set at Display 1, because the laptop screen is tiny.  However, if I fail to return the laptop screen to Display 1 before I disconnect everything and take my laptop somewhere, then when I open laptop, there is nothing on the screen... if I right click for properties, the option box opens on the other, not-there monitor.  Any troubleshooting I can do without reconnecting laptop to another monitor?  Is it just bad practice/habit to make the second monitor the primary display?
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Usually there's a Key combination of the Fn key and like F6, or F7 that will toggle the displays between the LCD on the laptop and the Second screen video output.  I know on IBM thinkpads (or Lenovo now) it's Fn+F7, Dell I think is Fn+F6, but I'm not sure about Sony's.
If your keyboard looks like this:

Then skcandco is correct, Fn+F7 should do the trick for your Sony vaio
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Sony Vaio PCG-6D1L.  It looks like this:

When I click Fn+F7, I get a message saying

HotKey Client
"Not available with current display settings."

Because you have it set up with two monitors in the adapter settings.  Try logging into safe mode and changing those settings.
Or, plug in a monitor (any one will do) and just swap the settings to use the panel on the laptop as the primary.
Also you could create two hardware profiles, and select from them at startup so that you can control what the settings are based on what's hooked up or not.
skcandco  - right, but the scenario here is that I don't have another monitor to swap settings.  What I have is a laptop that is Display 2 and no other monitor to hook up to it to make any changes.  This is also true for hardware settings... if I can't see anything on the screen, how can I select a hardware setting on start up?
As far as I can tell, starting up the laptop as secondary display without the external monitor attached defaults the primary display to the laptop.  Thanks to everyone for their help.