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Import Database Script using ASP (ability to upload excel data to SQL 2005)

I am wondering if it is possible to create an asp script (classic or .NET) that a user can browse their computer for an excel sheet and submit it for upload to a SQL 2005 database. I am needing to provide the ability for someone to upload a spreadsheet to my database to update a record. The spreadsheet will have all the matching columns and it will be identified by a field in the spreadsheet to a field in the database. If this is possible I am also wondering if I could have it strip the first 3 characters of the data in a particular field prior to  importing it to the database.

Thanks in advance for your help.
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I will give that a try, thanks!
Another alternative once the excel file is uploaded to the server, is to open up a database connection against the excel file and get the data in the ASP code. There you can do what you want to it, and compare it to the data in the SQL Server database to decide what to update.
I want to thank you for your help! It did the trick after some work.