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Need Help/Re-assurance on moving from W2000 AD to W2003AD

I have been tasked with moving my client from a Exchange 2000 environment to an Exchange 2007 environment.  I ordered in new servers including 2 new domain controllers (W2003 R2 std) and a dedicated Exchange Server.  I know that Exch2007 needs to run in a W2003 Active Directory.

The problem is moving from a W2000 AD to a W2003 AD..  Frankly the outlined process has me terrrified.  There is so much reference to backing up the Primary W2000 AD (FISMO), then imaging the W2000 AD,, etc. in case of failure. Then detaching it from the network and running domain prep and forest prep off the 2003 server CD then reattaching it to the network and being prepared to restore from a backup if things go wrong  that I am as nevous at a cat on a hot tin roof. In addition, the schema has already been altered when I setup the Exch 2000 servers.  I am worried that the upgrade to W2003 schema may kill out the changes made with the schema upgarde done when I setup Exch2000.

In short, does someone have a cook-book approach to making this happen without blowng the domain.  I have read extensively on this and even have several MS KB articles on this to do...  Still scary!

I have the following on a single Domain - On two separate islands (I'm in Hawaii) connected with a dedicated point to point T1
      2 Exchange Servers 2000 (Advanced)
      1 Domain controller W2000 (Latest SP) - This is the domain master - I have tranfered everything to it.

      1 Domain Controller W2000 (latest SP)

This is just a single domain/forest - as simple as possible.

I need to get this done ASAP  as I have been putting it off for 6 months - If it goes wrong, because of the interisland situtation, it could be serious, AKA Job Theatening.  I am homebound after surviving some serious cancer and I have to do this remotedly as much as possible, I do have physical access to the Oahu equipment. This client was the only one to keep the faith as I went through 3 years of radiation, chemo and surgery and they are my sole source of income, so I cannot screw this up.

Any help, suggestions,, precautions

Thanks in advance

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Chris Dent

8/22/2022 - Mon
Chris Dent

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Chris Dent

Neglected to cover a few items.

The Windows 2003 Schema Updates will, in no way, overwrite or modify the Exchange 2000 Schema modifications. In general Schema Modifications are non-destructive, they only add and extend, never overwrite or delete.

The task you have is a big one, but it can be broken down into small, manageable steps.

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