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Users getting asked for login info to logoff of OWA

I have a question...I made the change to Default Web page so that users would not have to type in /exchange after the URL. When I did this change (I did change some of the child objects too) and now when users logout of OWA the user is redirected to the defualt logout screen for OWA. This also contains the same URL name or beginning of it that gets redirected to /exchange, so now it asks for the username and password again. This never happened until I added the redirect, is there a way to stop this? (I know it was my mistake with the child object changes)

I believe the probelm exsist within the ExchWeb directory but there is no option under the properties to reset back to defualt. This is the child object I have gone and broke ;)
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After you reset the VDs try this. It might need a tweak, save it as iisstart.htm in the default web site directory usually c:\inetpub\wwwroot rename your existing file iisstart.old then it will redirect your users to /exchange.

  <TITLE>Outlook Web Access</TITLE>
<frameset frameborder="no" border="0">
<frame src="https://YourServerName/exchange/" name="main">


Hello everyone, thank you for the help! Your solutions are indeed correct, however this is what I did and it is working fine now. I changed the authentication method so that the logoff screen or ExchWeb portion doesn't require login information. Seems to be working fine, not sure the original problem actually was the problem. If however it was, is there any harm that would have been done that I still should redo the directorys? All the users want, is the mail server access from OWA which they have.

Thanks again for your help and prompt responses. I will no doubt need your assistance again.

If you allowed the child items to be changed, you have changed the permissions structure on everything. While you have corrected one folder, you haven't touched the others. I would still reset the virtual directories to ensure that all of the directory structure has the correct permissions on it.

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Thank you