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Configuring exchange to send mail via SIP SMTP

Hi everyone, I hope someone is able to help me with this query...

What I want to achieve:
Send mail with Exchange via my ISP

My configuration:
- SBS 2003 Premium edition
- Exchange Server 5.5
- Web domain: tombevans.webhop.biz (dynamic DNS address hosted with Dyn-DNS.com)
- Orange broadband (I think I am going to change this to Be. I have been appalled with their lack of knowledge and general system functionality)
-POP3 Connector to download emails
-SMTP Connector set up to forward all mail to smtp.orangehome.co.uk
-basic authentication for SMTP connector eg username: tom@tevans184.orangehome.co.uk & pwd as per my orange online email
-User account (Tom) set up with email aliases including tom@tevans184.orangehome.co.uk (the primary email address)

I have set up SBS2003 as outlined above. Unfortunately, whenever I try to send email out, I receive the following error message in the queue section of Exchange: "The remote SMTP service rejected AUTH negotiation." I have a number of messages in the queue which simply cannot be sent because of this.

I assume that, as the message says, this is because my login details are not correct. I am very new to the whole exchange process - this is my first Server build, and I only started two days ago - so I may well have missed a trick or two. I wondered if someone could confirm that the details above are correct, and if not, what I should change. Assuming they are, I have a number of related questions:

- Do I have to contact Orange to get them to change settings on their side, I have read that some ISPs don't allow SMTP relay by default, so perhaps this is the problem?
- Should I have a dedicated domain for this site with specific mail server entries in DNS. If so, please recommend a hosting company that offers this service.
- As a general rule, is it better to have an ISP relay your mail via SMTP, or to have a backup MX such as the MailHop Backup MX service offered by dyndns.com for eg.
- What else am I doing wrong?

Thanks very much in advance, I'm sorry there are so many questions. If there is anything else that I can obtain to help with config settings, I will get them for you.

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Thanks for this, I hadn't tried without authentication.

I had the same idea re. DNS and that didn't work. However, I have done as you suggested re. turning off authentication, and looking in the queues there are no messages listed under the SMTP connector. That has done it. Thanks so much!


Brilliant suggestion, such a simple answer!
I started with Experts Exchange in 2004 and it's been a mainstay of my professional computing life since. It helped me launch a career as a programmer / Oracle data analyst
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