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configuring IPSEC on BGP routing

we are useing MPLS backbon running with BGP routing protocol now the chalange is to set encryption between sites how we can achive it i was trying with IPSEC tunnel but it is giving me MTU error and not able to establish tunnel pl let me know how we can achive it?
pl find my both sites config one is ho and other is branch we are simulating in a lab enviornment in between we are using 3750 switch and running bgp on it l find the config files for your referances.

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the solution required AIM-VPN/SSL module our setup is having 2821 router at Head Office and 1841 Routers at branches connected on MPLS cloud we have AIM-VNN/SSL-2 module at HO on 2821 Router do we require AIM-VPN/SSL-2 module at Branches also to achive this let me know
The AIM modules are not required. The Key Server may need the AIM module, depending on the scale of your network and how many Group Member routers you need to support. Small scale network with a few branches would not require the module at all.