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Need PDF file of large size

I need PDF files of size greater than 100MB; one with size 100 MB, one with around 400 to 500 MB for testing a feature which requires uploading of pdf files. Can anyone suggest how to get such sample pdf files. Thanks in advance

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Thank you. Good suggestion
Agree with MaduKp:. It is an easiest way of making the samples you need by own. How ever if you need any samples please let me know, I can create some and upload in shared location so you can download.
Hi Sarahad. Can you please create one such pdf and share the folder so that I can download it.
Thanks for all your help.
Seems like sarahad:is not helping you.
Ok, I have uploaded a pure text based PDF which is 105 MB in size. Please download it form this
I have used following doc file to generate the PDF file. You can get it from here.
You can easily insert / delete some data rows and adjust the doc file and generate the PDF as you want.