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Hardware monitoring for ESX v3.5


We have setup an ESX v3.5 farm recently and are fairly new to this and especially linux.

However picking up bits and pieces along the way.

I need a way to monitor the hardware health (especially disks) of the HP Proliant DL380/360's we have running this software.

I loaded up HP Insight Manager to a VM and have been testing with this but having quite a few problems and see that i infact need some kind of ESX agent.

I am now reading that there a lot of problems with the HP agents running on ESX hosts (especially the storage option) causing ASR's.

Can anyone recommend something to monitor the hardware?

Also what exactly does the SU -L command do?

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yeah it is the SU command i mean, just seems if you put the -L switch on the end it then allows you to run all commands from the root rather than having to change to the necessary directory and then run the command.

Like i say bit new to linux so just trying to get my head round it a bit ;)

I've heard of Nagios as it happens, do you know if any of the quickstart guides in the link below would apply to VMwares OS?

That might speed things up for you. Download the appliance from Vmware. This version is called Groundwork which is based on Nagios code as far as I know. It's easier to work with and it's prettier.

Actually you can download the vmware vs right from their website as well.
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Ok ive downloaded trhis one

Only problem is i cant use VMware Player as the entire environment is virtual and wont allow me to install VM player on VM's

So i looked at the virtual center and saw that you can import virtual appliances, problem is it keeps asking for an orf file and it doesnt seem like this download includes one, see attachment.

Is there a way i can get this to work on ESX?
Follow the second link and download it direct. I gave you the wrong first link. I don't think you can import a vmware player.
ok ive finally managed to download it direct from here

just extracted it and still no ORF file, see shot below, is it poss to run this as a VM?
From inside VMware choose import VM and browse to these files location. You have the VMX and VMDK file. Vmware should see it fine.
i give up with this...after countless download time, the thing wont even extract properly, think its corrupted.

I'll have to work something else out.
Thanks for you help
You can search the VMWare appliances for different solutions. Nagios or Groundwork are not the only options.