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How can I set a static IP address for a network printer?

I have a home network which consists of the following:

1.      Desktop  - Vista Premium Home
2.      Laptop  - Windows XP Professional SP2
3.      Brother printer HL-2070N
4.      Linksys wireless-G router WRT54GS

Vista and Brother HL-2070N are wired directly to the router.

Windows XP is connected to the router via wireless.

The network is configured as follows:

"      Router IP Address:
"      Subnet mask
"      DHCP Server enabled.
"      IP address range for network clients:  149
"      Security  WAP enabled.

I want to set up the printer as a network printer but I am unable to set a static IP address for the printer.  The printer manual tells me to start BRAdmin Professional utility and select TCP/IP in the left pane and then select the printer.   Their instructions continue on but the problem is that I do not see the TCP/IP option in the left pane and so I cannot follow the instructions.  According to the instructions, network devices would show up in the dialog box like so:  (the illustration appears on the attached document.)
The problem is there is nothing shows up on my BRAdmin dialog box.  It is a plain blank page  no TCP/IP option in the left pane.  As a result, I cannot set up a static IP address for the printer.

According to the printer settings, it is assigned an APIPA of with subnet mask of and the gateway

I tried both an installation CD and an online download at Brothers website but it didnt help.  Could somebody know how I can set a static IP address for this printer?  

Thank you.

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Turned the printer off and turned it back on.  Now the printer has the IP:  I added a new printer to Vista and Windows XP manually and they both can print now.