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Looking for enterprise (managed) AV solution for ~ 50 user network

Ah the age old question - which is the best AV software?

We are currently running SAV on all of our 50 workstations. However, they were setup long before our team arrived here and it is not a "managed" solution. All workstations go out and retrieve update definitions on their own and there is now way to see all hosts from a central console.

Since SAV is being phased out (so to speak) I wanted to see what the best solution would be to deploy as a managed solution (Symantec Endpoint Security? Sophos? Kapersky?). Obviously the most important feature is AV protection but it would be nice to find a light client that does not hog resources/memory.
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8/22/2022 - Mon

McAfee/ePO is much lighter on your systems than Symantec and is very simply managed from a Server - and from the 'console' function installed on your teams workstations.
Very effective in the 'updating' function and will probably run at 100% 'current' for DAT files every day.

I replaced Norton/Symantec Enterprise with McAfee/ePO on several networks in my old job and was always pleased with protection and ease of operation.

You should also check the AVG Network application. Even lighter on the workstations, central control -- and cheaper.

Both products have free Trials if you want to check them out.


I would look into Trend Micro's Client Server Messaging Security for SMB, I have setup multiple companies with this product and our current company uses it as well.  It's very easy because once it's setup you really dont have to worry about the client computers, Web interface for administration and protects against a lot of different things.http://us.trendmicro.com/us/products/sb/client-server-messaging-for-smb/index.html.  I have used Symantec Enterprise and found it to be not that great has let to many things go by.  Also McAfee is hard to setup (confusing) and I have actually seen Trend find a virus that was attached to the McAfee virus scanning engine.

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Gary Stevens

I agree with Tolomir completely.
Before you make that final decision have a look at the independent comparisons at http://www.av-comparatives.org/
Makes for interesting reading
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William Peck

I also agree with the NOD32 suggestion.  The company I work for is actually in the process of switching to ESET NOD32 for our AV solution.  After reviewing the already suggested AV Comparatives several months back, my group made the determination and haven't looked back.  Extremely high detection rate and a very small memory footprint.  

The administrative side of it is wonderful.  Unless you are using Exchange 2007 or Smart Security (NOD32 + firewall + anti-spam) there is only one package to push out.  You can create a single package via the Remote Administrator Console (which will include both the 32bit and 64bit installation packages and client side configurations) and that's it.  Server and clients all get the same application (except Exchange 2007 which has its own product).  

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