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Cisco VPN connection problem from home

Hi Everyone,
  I am trying to connect to my work VPN from home and here is my problem. I am able to establish the VPN connectiion with no problem. Once it is connected, my internet stops working on my computer and also i am unable to ping any of work servers. So, both the VPN and the LAN quits working after the VPN connection is made.

I am connected to a Linksys router that assigns me a dynamic IP such as Once the VPN is connected I am getting a as my ip for my VPN adapter.

I am using VPN client version 4.0.5 on a windows XP pro. Dell laptop that has an inbuilt broadcom NIC.
If I check the statistics on my VPN client it shows Local LAN is disabled. Also, under the Transport tab on VPN connection settings nothing is checked - I know for sure that nothing needs to be checked because it works with the same setting for other people in the office while they connect from home. Finally, it is a Group Authentication that we use.  Oh, I have also tried disabling all the firewalls on my laptop.

So, above are my current settings and the problem that i am facing with.  I would really apprreciate it if anyone can help with this problem.... thanks a lot in advance.


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8/22/2022 - Mon
Erik Bjers

Once it is connected, my internet stops working on my computer
> This is normal, unless split tunneling (local connectivity) is enabled on both the VPN server and the client.  When you connect to a VPN local network traffic is blocked to protect the systems on the VPN

also i am unable to ping any of work servers
> This could be due to your encapsulation method.  Some ISP's will block different types of encapsulation.  Open your VPN client and edit the connection profile.  Go to the transport tab and change the settings there, try it with NAT transparency off and on, and try using TCP and UDP encapsulation.

Erik Bjers

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Thanks. It actually turned out to be that my Linksys VOIP router  not letting the VPN traffic to get through. If I connect to the DSL modem correctly then everything is fine. So, I just need to configure my router and everything should be alright. Thanks again.
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