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What are the available performance benchmarking tool for VPN and Internet speed?

Hi all,

I would like to enquire for good performance benchmarking tool (preferably freeware) to gauge the connection speed of Virtual Private Network (VPN) that my organization and also the Internet connection speed for email access.
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8/22/2022 - Mon

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Thanks cholmskov for the quick info.

Would like to use a freeware which can gauge the network performance of receiving incoming and sending outgoing emails. Furthermore, we are currently in the process of evaluating the speed limits between VPN and Internet to access. Apparently, we had cases that emails got lost or failure to send out when using Internet, etc.

Hmmm, well I don't know any specific software that tests the sending and receiving of emails, but as far as I can figure it can only be causing issues two places.

Place 1: Internet speed is too slow, either normal or through VPN, this should only be a problem for slow conenction lines or if you go through another place, like a global datacenter or similar.
Place 2: Your Mailserver can have problems, maybe it's slow, configuration issues or similar.

The 3'rd alternative, mostly aimed towards the missing mails and not the speed is the internal network/pc's, that may have configuration issues or corrupt installations.

I suggest using one of the links like speedtest.net and run them from your mailserver, that should give you an indication of what sort of speed you are getting towards the net.
You can also connect a machine with vpn and run a speedtest to see if it's slow.

There is the manual option, putting a file on your mailserver and then "downloading" it from a client pc to see what speed you get, but thats very unprecise.

Do you know what sort of linespeed you are supposd to have ?

The linespeed that we have range from 512k - 2MB.
But when trying the speedtest.net, does it mean i have to install at all the sites (client pc) or just the mailserver will do?
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speedtest.net is not an installation, it's a webpage you go to that will test your linespeed for you.

So you just run it from the machine you wish to test the internet access from.

And 512k-2mb is quite slow, but im more curious about what speed you have from the location your Mailserver is at

location of mailserver has a speed of 4MB, the speedtest.net is only for linespeed testing in general. What about if i would like to test specific email accounts (send/receive) which often encountered slow emails retrieval and sometimes, email loss?

Im not really sure if you even can run tests on individual accounts speed, but im not a Exchange expert at all.

It would though sound strange that some accounts should be sending/receiving slower than others except for a few cases.
1: The account has some form of restrictions defined, I don't know if you can do this in outlook, but you can in notes
2: The account receives very heavy files OR the user is sitting at a home office with a slow speed, which slows down delivery and receiving files.

The email loss are the ones that surprises me the most, since it's rare that mails are lost for no reason, usually it's due to them being blocked by firewall or antivirus or returned to recipient due to size limitations or other.

Do you have any specific cases of mails lost where we know the mail was just a simple text email, and can you specify a user (line speed/vpn ? and so on) ?
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The line speed is about 2M using vpn via leased line.
Hmm, maybe i will get more information about the lost mail and post on forum again.
Thanks so much for your kind help!

Btw, for correct mailserver setting, do you have any website that teaches us how to set the mailserver correctly?
I would like to take a look at whether our configuration is set correct.

Hi, for speedtest.net there isn't any test connection to shanghai?
Your help has saved me hundreds of hours of internet surfing.