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Clients Not Picking Up IP Address via DHCP

I'm working with a Windows domain, controlled by a W2003 server. Since installing a number of Windows updates last Thursday (KB948590, KB948881, KB945553, KB941693, KB890830, KB947864) and restarting the machine, some computers on the network have been having difficulty picking up an IP address via DHCP.

This morning I determined that it's only those computers that are not directly connected to the same switch that the domain controller/DHCP server is connected to. The primary switch on the network is a DLink 1248T; there are three other switches linked to the network through this switch, and any computer connected through one of the other switches and whose DHCP lease has expired cannot pick up a new address. If I go to each of the machines and manually assign an IP address, everything works fine.

Nothing else on the network has changed, and this setup has worked flawlessly since it was first set up over a year ago. I have not yet rebooted the primary switch, but will do that at the end of the day when fewer users will be affected by the interruption.
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The problem has been narrowed down to something with the Windows 2003 Server; I think that's a little progress.

Yesterday evening I restarted the ethernet switch, and that did nothing to resolve the issue. I restarted the server as well, and if anything, that made the issue get worse.

Soon after restarting the server another machine -- the database server, which is connected to the same switch as the domain controller/dhcp server and was set to pick up a reserved IP address from the dhcp server -- also lost it's IP.. So that eliminates the switch from the problem.

The dhcp service appears to be running on the server. Some computers do have dhcp-assigned IP addresses, and I'm not sure why some computers are able to get an address without issues while others cannot. The network is a mix of Macs & WinXPPro PC's -- about a 20/80 mix -- and this problem has affected both platforms in fairly equal proportions.

So since it appears that the issue is isolated to the 2003 Server, what is the proper way to deal with this problem? Is it a good idea to uninstall the updates that were applied last Thursday to see if that alleviates the problem? Or would a better tack be to uninstall the dhcp service then reinstall it? Or is there a better/easier solution?
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