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Wanting to use javascript static class instead of switch statement.

Hi all,

Hard to explain problem in the title, but basically I have a case statement right now that I'm using for MapQuest POI results to pull the facility type off of the POI returned.

So as you can see from the code snippet, I call result.getFacility() and I get a facility type.

I'd like to somehow get these values stored in a static variable somewhere if possible so that I could have a getFacility method that basically just returns something more like facilities[this.facility] (where facilities would be the static and this.facility is the code returned). It's possibly incredibly easy, I know how to do things like this in Rails/PHP but not JS so if anyone has ideas or alternate suggestions that would be awesome.  

this.getFacility = function(){
    switch(this.facility) {
        case '7011':
            return 'lodging';
        case '4581':
            return 'transporation';
        case '5800':
        case '2084':
        case '9996':
            return 'dining';
        case '7389':
        case '7990':
        case '5999':
            return 'other';
            return 'activities';

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Cool, exactly what I was looking for. Thanks.