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Word crashes when trying to covert to PDF

o/s - Windows Vista Home Premium
MS Office 2007 Small Buisness
Adobe Acrobat Standard (with Vista update) ver 8.1.2

THis morning I installed the "Buisness Contact Manager" component of Office 2007  on my BOSSES computer. All seemed fine until he tried to use his Acrobat add-in and convert a rather large word doc to PDF. He clicked the "Quick and Simple PDF" radio button on the "Save Adobe PDF File As" then clicks save and Word crashes with the "word has stopped working" error and no other info. This process worked fine untill I installed BCM. I've since removed it and it still crashes word everytime.

What I've done so far:
-Tried converting the word doc using the "Fully functional PDF" choice. This worked but was not satisfactory for him. He wants the Quick and simple working again.
-Uninstalled Buisness Contact manager (I remember him getting an error relating to BCM when trying the PDF conversion, this error no longer appears)
-Rebooted (upon restarting Word I get the error "Acrobat PDF Maker add-in cause a problem, do you wan't to disable it)
-disabled add-in, rebooted, readded ad-in, same result
-Ran a repair on Adobe Standard
-rebooted, same result
-uninstalled MS Office
reinstalled MS Office, same result
-Googled the error but didn't find anything of substance.

Any help is GREATLY apreciated.


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8/22/2022 - Mon

Since you already reinstalled Office, this probably won't help, but did you run the MS Office Diagnostics and Repair utility?  You can find it in the Start > Programs > Office > Office Tools........  

BTW:  I understand your frustration right now, as I am trying to solve a Blackberry problem with our CEO, who is on his yacht in the Bahamas, and wants me to figure out WHY he cannot make any calls!  He wanted a new BB, 3 days before he left, and I TOLD him that it might not work where he was going..  ARGH!!!


They're a trip aren't they? Hey as long as the check cashes...

I've not tried the diagnostic tool for Office. Probably won't be able to get to it tonight but will post the results in the AM. GL with the BB.


Ha, yes, as long as the check cashes is right!  

Look forward to working more on this tomorrow..  I think!  :)

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William Peck

No luck. I ran the Office Diagnostic tool which pointed out that I had not installed Office SP 1 (Flat of hand smacking forehead). It didn't find any other errors. I also checked that the special diagnostic file option that MS recommends was enabled, and it has been.

I installed the update, rebooted, tried the PDF "Quick and Simple" Add-in conversion process and Word crashed again.

I also wanted to point out that Buisness Contact Manager crashed Outlook on my bosses wifes computer. I had to make a house call and uninstall it to get Outlook to do anything. She couldn't send or recieve and Outlook would crash after 15 to 20 seconds of use. Different setup on a different computer but the instability of BCM is not impressing me. Luckily she wasn't using BCM and everything was fine after removing it, and I looked like a genius. I love my job!!

Truthfully, I have never found a use for BCM either..  I have it, and just installed it on one of my test systems, trying to emulate your issue, but it seems to be running fine here...  The only difference is I am running the Volume License Enterprise version of 2007 Office..   Too bad that EE does not have an area for this, but we might have to wait for another tech that is BCM experienced to come along...  

And yes, users panic, and we come to the rescue!   I love my job too!  :)


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