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data types in access and in visual basic 2005

I am developing with visual basic 2005 and access 2007.
If I set a field to be NUMBER in access, will I be able to enter number "0" into that fields into visual basic 2005 textbox control and then SAVE it to this NUMBER Data type field in access?  Or do I need to set some restrictions on the visual basic 2005 textbox within code?  
or will the number start at number "1"?
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I have just tested and it does save "0", it gives error "data type mismatch" when I try to put in letters, which is great.  BUT it does not save decimals.  So, if I put 3.4, it only saves 3.
thank you
never mind,
I fixed that.  
I have also noticed that if the field is NULL (i do not enter anything), the record will not save until I put in number in, is there a way around it, as I do need to save a record with that particular control being empty.

thank you
can you help or should I open another question.