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Removing indentation from XML or setting it so that it does not automatically indent

I'm writing a custom program that edits xml files which are settings files for a program we use.  I've figured out how to change all the nodes & use XPath to locate the ones I need to edit.

Basically there is a method I wrote which creates a new XML (Configuration) file based off a template.  The problem is...the program by default uses XML files that have no indentation, no returns, no tabs.  So, when I open the XML template then save it as a new job I get a fully indented & formatted XML file.  All the info is correct but when you open this indented and formatted XML file in the program the program doesn't like it. there any way I can open and edit an XML file but NOT automatically indent it?

I'm programming all this with and using the DOM document properties to edit the XML files.
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This works except:  For some reason the first line the template is
<?xml version="1.0"?>
But after editing it becomes
version="1.0"?> which is enough to throw the whole thing off.