Memory Buffer into GDI+ Image(FromStream)

I have the following code that loads a bitmap file from a zip file (using Zip Utils) and copies the memory buffer into a HGblobal, so that it can be loaded into a GDI+ Image object from a Stream.
The code compiles fine - however the bitmap is corrupt. Am I using the correct methods here?

Appreciate any thoughts or suggestions.
void CASI::LoadResources(std::wstring strFolder)
	std::wstring strPath; 
	HGLOBAL hBuffer;
	strPath = strFolder + L"";
	HZIP hz = OpenZip(strPath.c_str(),0);
	ZIPENTRY ze; int i; FindZipItem(hz,L"background.bmp",true,&i,&ze);
	char *ibuf = new char[ze.unc_size];
	hBuffer = ::GlobalAlloc(GMEM_MOVEABLE,ze.unc_size);
	UnzipItem(hz, i, ibuf, ze.unc_size);
		void* pBuffer = ::GlobalLock(hBuffer);
			CopyMemory(pBuffer, ibuf, ze.unc_size);
			IStream* pStream = NULL;
			if(::CreateStreamOnHGlobal(hBuffer,FALSE,&pStream) == S_OK)
				m_BackImage = Gdiplus::Image::FromStream(pStream,false);
					if(m_BackImage->GetLastStatus() == Ok)
	delete[] ibuf;

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I don't think that you cannot free the memory block until you delete the Image object.  I believe that you can specify that the memory block be free'd on the last release of the storage, however.
Make that 'I don't think you CAN free the memory block...'
Your code seems to be pretty identical to - are you sure the bitmap format in the memory buffer is correct? If that is a plain .bmp file, this is quite unlikely to work.
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It is not identical.  On success, the code to which you refer returns without deleting the HGLOBAL memory block.  He is deleting the block before he returns.  I do not believe that you can do that.  Gdiplus does not keep a copy of the image in memory, and therefore needs the stream for the life of the object.

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M204Author Commented:
Many thanks for your help - this works great now.
By the way, Gdiplus can read .jpg and .png files as well.  You might want to simply convert your .bmp file to one of those formats before you put it in the resource.  This would let you avoid the need to zip the file, and would reduce the size of the memory block you would need to allocate.
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