Cisco VPN Client error: Secure VPN Connection terminated by Peer.  Reason 427: Unkown Error occurred at Peer.

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I am trying to connect via Cisco VPN client.  Tech support at the remote computer end has no idea what the problem is, so for now I'm on my own.  When I try to log on, I get the error: "Secure VPN Connection terminated by Peer.  Reason 427: Unkown Error occurred at Peer." .  I've uninstalled and reinstalled the client, I installed it on a second computer, and in all instances I get the same error.  I can connect to other companies using the same VPN client install.  

The only thing that I can find about potential problems is to switch the transport setting from IPSEC over to IPSec over TCP.  But I would need a Port number.  What Port number should I use?  Or what can I direct tech-support where to look to determin.  It has 10000 by default and that didn't work.  I also tried unchecking Enable Transparent Tunneling.

Also, for troubleshooting, I enabled logging.  However the log does not show any error or information related to this problem.

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What are you connecting to?  PIX, Concentrator, IOS router, ASA?
What version of CVPN client?


I'm not sure what I'm connecting to.  I did find on the internet a comment about connecting to Windows server VS a router.  I did find a comment that Windows Server connections don't always work well.  I'm connecting to a large company so I suspect it is a router.
I am using Cisco VPN version  I am also using Windows XP Pro SP2.

I am 600 miles away from the company I'm trying to connect to.  I'll be doing some contract work.  I do similar things with other clients and use Cisco vpn regularly without any issues.  The problem is with the tech-support at their end.  We people trying to get some work done are at their mercy - and their answer is that they can't do anything without seeing my computer.  So, I'm trying to do as much of their work I as I possibly can to keep the ball rolling.  I need to start on this project Monday.  Plus, I really don't see it as an issue at my end.  

I did find a comment that there was an issue going from version 4 to version 4.6 causing similar problems.  The solution was to uninstall and clean the registry.  I tried that.  Also, in case I was missing something, I installed the CVPN client on different computer that never had CVPN installed.  I get the same error on the new install.

I've asked that someon at their end attempt to vpn to the same machine using the same client profile, etc that I am using.  I haven't heard back on that yet, but I think the person I asked had another issue to deal with.
Well... its not a Windows server because you are using a Cisco client, so you can drop that one.

I suspect its a problem on their end but without any info that will be hard to find.
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Well they said they can vpn from the outside using the same machine and the same profile, and that the problem has to be with either my computer or my network.  However, I can vpn with my computer to other places.  This tech guy is stubborn - says there is nothing that he can do.
Someone other than the tech support tried to vpn using my id and pw.  They couldn't get in either.  So the tech support was using a different id and pw when he said he could vpn.  They tracked the problem to a setting requiring new users to change the pw after 1st login.
You can turn on detailed logging and post it here.  Perhaps I can help then.

To turn on detailed logging

In the CVPN client go to Log, logging, and turn all the levels to high.
Righto.  I knew the problem was on their end.  Glad to help.
Is there a reason that you don't want to award points for my help?


Thanks Preacher on the detail logging - I'll remember that for future reference.  I was trying to accept my comment about the reset password at their end being the problem and awarding you the points, but it didn't seem to work correctly.  So bare with me as I get that straightened out.
Thanks.  Glad to have helped.


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