is DOWN (The current socket connection has been reset.) Mail generated by Woodstone Servers Alive at 7. maj 2008 01:05:03

It keep getting these error messages on 3 different blades in our blade center it is just a standard ping check. And the other blades work fine no error message i even changed the number of knock to 4 (that means 8 minutes is the server not responding). The server which runs servers alive is at the same subnet as the blade center. All servers are running windows server 2003 including the server which runs the servers alive.
Any ideas ?
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From your description it would seem that your 'standard ping check' is unlikely to be an ICMP ping as the error states that the Socket was reset - this points to a TCP port to which a connection has been rejected by way of RST packet.  It may be that whatever service is bound to that port is not responding, not running, or, as vand says, there's a firewall that is sending the rst packet.

You should perhaps review the monitoring setup at Servers Alive and find out what probe is being sent and from there work out which port is no longer responding and investigate the issue.

Or you could use ping from a command prompt to see if you get a response.

Another solution would be to get hold of a network scanner (nmap is an excellent choice - free from: http://nmap.org/download) which you can install on a workstation and then ping, or scan some or all ports and see if you can get a response.
nmap -sP
will ping that machine by a variety of methods (ARP if you're on the same subnet, ICMP and TCP to port 80)

if you don't get any joy there you can try
nmap -PN -sS which will scan around 1700 commonly used TCP ports.
nmap -PN -sS -p- will scan all 65535 TCP ports.
This error looks like a communication issue. Do you have any software firewall programs or a firewall device or some other filter between?
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