Having a "robot" on a www answering questions ....... is it difficult to get the code?

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Im thinking of putting a site together that is on the grounds of the 8 ball sites.


Would like ......

If the question contains "this" word - answer = la la whatever  
If the question contains a curse " b*l*x"etc - answer = mind your language  
If the question is repeated - answer = you asked that already

Might incorporate the 8 ball answers as well somewhere

Is this very difficult to do ?
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What part specifically are you asking about?  I will assume just reading the question and giving an answer.  It could be real easy or very hard.  It just depends on how far you want to take it.  The 3 things you mentioned would not be hard at all.  Most server languages can search for words in a string (the first 2) and store strings in something like a cookie or server variable (for the 3rd item above).  A database of inappropriate words or language would not be hard to find or make.  Server languages usually have a way to connect and work with databases.

If you are asking about the site design or making the 8 ball part then that might be harder.  Of course that depends on how elaborate you want to be and your skills and programming tools.  If you want to use Flash for the ball and don't do Flash or have a program then it will be VERY hard. :)

Let me know how this helps or if you have a question.  It will be easier to be specific and detailed if you narrow the question a bit and elaborate some.


I'm glad that helped.  Thanks for the grade and the points.

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