Cannot copy NTLDR error message in XP SP3 Installation

I downloaded the SP SP3 install file from Microsoft and installed it on my machine.  During the install I got an error message saying that it couldn't copy NTLDR because it couldn't find the file.  The file was in the folder that it pointed to.  Nevertheless, I copied it to the desktop so I would have it, and went on with the install.  Things seem to be working fine, except for my normal scheduled late night shutdown after a virus scan and backup.  The NTLDR file in the C:\  drive and the one from the service pack are different when I run a compare.  I could probably replace the NTLDR file by booting from a BartPE CD, but wonder if this would cause huge problems.  Has anyone had this issue with the install?  
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All NTLDR does is fire up the kernel during the boot process and then never gets used again.  I suspect the only reason they changed it in the service pack was because they were trying to expand XP's support for booting from the more obscure SATA controllers out there (but that's just a guess).

The file does not get used once the OS has booted.  If it's working fine as it is, then don't fix it if it ain't broke.  If you do replace it, just have BartPE handy so you can restore the old version if it causes problems.
bmurphyeeAuthor Commented:
Thank you.  I did move the new NTLDR version to c:\ and things work fine.  Subjectively, it seems to boot faster, which doesn't seem logical.  Perhaps the new NTLDR passes information to the kernel which makes it deal with my SATA controller more efficiently?  
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