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Using Subreports In Access 2003

Hello Experts and Thanks for your help.

I have a number of individual reports that I would like to combine into one summary report.  I am using subreport to bring the individual reports into the summary report, but I am finding that the information in the "page header" section of the individual reports is not coming over to the summary report (but when I look at the individual report, the "page header" information is showing properly as I set it up).  Can you please advise me on what I am doing wrong and what I need to do to correct this.   Thanks !
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Jeffrey Coachman

8/22/2022 - Mon
DatabaseMX (Joe Anderson - Former Microsoft Access MVP)

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Patrick Matthews

Hello DougSanders,

MX is basically correct--by design, page headers from subreports are suppressed.

The usual workaround is:

1) Make sure that there is a "dummy" group for your subreport, one for which all records in the
subreport take the same value

2) Use a group header for the "dummy" in the subreport to show whatever you would have wanted
to show on the page header

3) The group header has a property for repeating on each new page.  Make sure to use that.



I agree with DatabaseMX also. Instead of putting page headers on your sub reports, put that on your main report.

When using subreports on a main report, it's a good pratice to have, for each sub report, another sub report  that it's not visible for the situation of "no data" on your sub report. If that happens, instead of having a blank space on your report, you can make something like Report!Points.Visible = True to show like a message instead.

João Pinto

I forgot to mention, that Report!Points.Visible = True should be placed on the Private Sub Report_NoData(Cancel As Integer).

João Pinto
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William Peck
Jeffrey Coachman


This is a fairly common question here.

And sometimes, depending on what you want versus what you need, it boils down to not being worth the trouble to do.

Can you explain the Nature of these individual reports?
Are they similar in fields, but different in the data they contain?
Are they related, or totaly unrelated?
Can the reports be printed out sequentially or do they HAVE to be in one report?



What I am trying to get is basically a summary report of products ordered by a customer. Some of the products we sell are manufactured by us and some are pass through resale itesm.  Since there is a diversity in the way some of our products are manufactured, I have set up tables of related products with necessary information which is then used in qureries to calculate cost and selling prices.    Data is input through a form which holds the customer information of who we are selling to and I set up a subform for each product type  so that we can select the product and enter the details of the order.   Each product type requires different types of data details to be entered.    

Everything I have set up so far is working as I would exptect it to. Each type ot products has its own tables and queries to produce the cost and selling prices of each product.   I am now just trying to bring the order information together in one report.  I tried to create a query to combine the data together, but was not able to get that to work the way I expected.  

Any ideas on how to accomplish this would be appreciated.   Thanks.  
Jeffrey Coachman


First make sure you investigate all of the proposed solutions above.

My thought is that all of these "Product-Order" tables should be related in the database window.

If this is done correctly, then you shiould be able to create a report that displays this information any way you want.

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