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Core Switch Reccomendation

We have alot os servers and switches enough to fill our core switch without even using etherchannels and all the company can afford is 48 ports.  To try and work around this we have a 2960G switch and a high end 4948 series switch i wanted to separate the servers and switches into these two switches example put all servers in one switch and switches in one switch which will now give me way more space and the ability to perform etherchannels because we really need the redundancy and bandwidth.  My question is what do i put in the high end 4948 layer 3 switch (Switches or servers) and what do i put in the Layer 2 gigabit switches this is just until we get another 4948.  I was thinking switches plugged into the 4948 due to traffic and on the other hand does it really make a difference since these two switches are in the core.
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8/22/2022 - Mon

Do you have VLAN's where you need to do routing?  If not, do you plan on starting to use them?

Do certain groups of users access specific server the majority of the time and other groups of users access other servers.

If so what I would do (assuming you are not using VLAN's) is to try to group the users and the servers they use on the same switches.   That is GROUP1 users and their servers on SW1 and GROUP2 users the their servers on SW2 and then interconnect the switches.

If not then it may not really matter which you use for what.  If 90% of your traffic is between the users and the servers, they it won't matter which switch you use for what.

not grouping usres what i said is i want to put switches in one switch and servers in one switch we have a star topology read it again

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My only question is i wont be able to connect different links into different switches you deffinitly cant separate etherchannel links into different switches unless they are clustered switches and i wanted to do etherchannell for the increased bandwidth but if i just do adapter teaming your saying i could put a link from each server into sw1 and one in sw2 so if one fails the other takes over right because i dont think adapter teaming allows you to use both links simulteanously.
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William Peck

There are various implementation of NIC teaming that most vendors.  One of them (typically called active-active) allows for both NIC's to be used for outbound traffic, but only one NIC will be use for inbound.

You do realize that Ethernet channel will only increase the bandwidth available  between the switches, it will not increase the bandwidth available to the individual servers servers.  The servers will still be limited to whatever their NIC allows.

How much traffic do you have?  I have seen very few (as in none) sites that are using switches small switches, like 4848's and 2960's,  as core switches and their requirements exceed  Gigabits Ethernet speeds.  Do you have enough traffic where you need more that 1 Gigabit ps between your switches?

Well i do but not quite it will increase bandwidth to servers because i have implemented etherchannell on servers at another location and i was able to get 2GB on my servers you just have to select the proper adapter teaming protocol.  The only thing is the server has to be able to process the info quick enough and that depends on your server but it works for me.  

Remember also the etherchannell is not just for bandwidth but also for redundancy im designing with future growth in mind there is an old saying too much cant hurt but too little can kill you.  It wont hurt to have too gigs between switches hey.  Also if one link fails the other link stays up without the worry of spanning tree convergence.
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But thanks alot for your help