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No Power light or battery light

Hi Guys I have a laptop that was dropped off for me to look at. The girl said they had a simmilar problem not too long ago and had to change the power chord and batery and it worked for a little while but is back to the same thing. What happens is when you plug in the laptop to the wall it doesn't recognize the ac adapter as the lights on the front don't light up. (both the one showing the battery charging and the ac light will not light up). I used my multimeter and checked the ac adapter and it is giving the right voltage to the laptop, I checked it hooked up to the laptop and checked the ac jack on the laptop and it is receiving the voltage so I know it is making a connection to the ac adapter. Now I checked the prongs that the battery connects to and from reading it said that there should be 1.4 volts going to the battery and when I checked I was getting .7 from the first and .7 from the second prong (Is this the way it is supposed to be .7+.7=1.4 or should both be 1.4? This tells me that the power is going through the laptop but why is it still not charging or even recognize the ac adapter is plugged in? Is there any other place I can check to help identify the problem or what should I tell her she will need to buy(battery,etc)?
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Could be the DC input connector in the laptop that is bad, or an internal circuitry problem. You may have to open up the system to check solder joints on the DC jack.

Will the laptop boot with no battery and just the a/c adapter plugged in?

Tried with no battery and nothing.
This is the best money I have ever spent. I cannot not tell you how many times these folks have saved my bacon. I learn so much from the contributors.

The solder points look alright to me is there anything special I should look for?

Unless the case is closed in real life, there are a few things to try:

Re-verify the AC adapter power output by loading it with a resistor or a lightbulb, so you can check the voltage under a known load, comparable to what the laptop takes.

Try to get hold of a charged battery that fits the laptop. If the unit doesn't run on this battery, you have a motherboard or power-conditioning circuit problem > not a DIY thing, in most cases.


Thanks rid

I tried a fully charged battery and the laptop will work it just cannot see or accept the power adapter as being connected.

Any other ideas? Or should I write it off as just a bad power connector on the motherboard?
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