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Check bandwidth from cisco router 2811 ?

Hi guys,

I have a cisco router 2811 connected direct to ISP, is there any command to check the current bandwidth (up/down load) from command line ?. Thanks
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8/22/2022 - Mon

nothing fancy, but if you do a show interface it will show you.

3745#sh int s2/0:2
Serial2/0:2 is up, line protocol is up
  Hardware is M32X with CSU/DSU
  5 minute input rate 15000 bits/sec, 29 packets/sec
  5 minute output rate 50000 bits/sec, 40 packets/sec
Default is 5 minute average, but you can change that with the load-interval command

3745(config-if)#load-interval ?
  <30-600>  Load interval delay in seconds

3745(config-if)#load-interval 30

  30 second input rate 18000 bits/sec, 35 packets/sec
  30 second output rate 39000 bits/sec, 48 packets/sec


By the way, is there anyway to know what ip is taking how much bandwidth ?

Here is my network diagram:
ISP---cisco 2811-->switch

I have 5 servers plug in the switch right now with public IPs. They all go direct to Internet without NAT or anything.

I think one of them is sucking a lot of bandwidth right now but not sure how to trace it from cisco 2811. Thanks
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Robert Sutton Jr

Or, you can just look at your interface statistics on the switch for every device that connects to it... This is assuming that your switch is serving ALL network device connections. The numbers should show you which one has the most activity...

The switch i have right now is not cisco switch, it's Linksys EF4116 and not sure how to log in to see the interface statistic on the switch :(.

If you want long term I would look at something like the BQM above or even NTOP.
If you just need to see what is going outbound on an interface now and get it stopped, you can turn on ip accounting.

3745(config)#int s2/0:2
ENB_Grimsby_3745(config-if)#ip accounting output-packets
ENB_Grimsby_3745#sh ip accoun
   Source           Destination              Packets               Bytes                       2                 152                      4                 212                    55                6943                    15                 663                    30               11037                     4                 212

Accounting data age is 0

Just turn it off when done
3745(config)#int s2/0:2
3745(config-if)#no ip accounting output-packets
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at the end i got this:

Accounting data age is 4

is this normal ?

by the way, when i am running "sh ip accoun" command ,  does it give me a live statistic ?

just curiosity, how come do i have to turn "ip accounting output-packets" off after used ? does is take alot of memory ?

Thanks alot.

Hi again,

i just ran "sh ip accoun" and got this:

Accounting data age is 11
Accounting threshold exceeded for 36572 packets and 46143411 bytes

Sorry, what do 2 lines above mean ? Thanks.

That is how log you have been running it for
11 Minutes

Accounting threshold exceeded for 36572 packets and 46143411 bytes
I think this means it is having trouble accounting all the packets.

I usually turn it off, as it has seemed to cause some CPU/memory issues on some of my older routers.

If I want to monitor and keep results, I send netflow to NTOP.
let me know how you make out, I need to sign off for a while now

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Hi enbit,

do you mind if i contact you thru YIM or AIM ? my YIM is andyjh55416. Thanks.
Alan Huseyin Kayahan

 I would strongly recommend you to setup MRTG. I check all my ASA firewall and switcport utilizations via it. It has a tiny usefull web based graphic interface which shows daily weekly monthly and yearly utilization
    Feel free to ask any questions about installing or using

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Thanks a lot for the info
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use prtg , it can be installed on windows machine and you can configure graphs for all ur switch port and alos the rotuer port connecting to ur isp .
Hope ur linksys is managble and u can setup community string on SNMP.
or one more good tool - http://www.mikrotik.com  download dude , it is good tool for making ur network map and also configuring /bw .