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Advise on file server RAID configuration

Hey every one

I am in the process of building a file servrer curently with 4 x 1TB seagate drive (capability to expand to 8 Drives)
I need redundency and i was wondering whether to use RAID 0+1 or RAID 5, at some time i will be xpanding to 8 drives so i need  solution that will allow expansion. I know i can just make another array but not sure if this is the best sollution.
I have 8 port 3aware raid card.
Any sugestions would be greatly appreciated.
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8/22/2022 - Mon

With a file server you also want speed with 4 drives possibly going to 8 I would use raid10

You will lose a little more capacity then raid 5 but it is faster

raid5 is read-oriented raid. If You going to have heavy write usage, go with raid10.

1TB SATAs are read orientated as well; once they get hot they go into write-verify mode to allow them to cool during the extra platter rotation so don't expect any performance.
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Irwin W.

I would suggest that you look towards a SAN.  A SAN would allow you to add disk space on the fly without having to break a part your array.


Thanks for the replys so far. However im very new to RAID and have only set up a couple. What is a SAN. I will do a little more research on the diff between RAID 10 an 5.
Irwin W.

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Traditional DAS does allow adding disks on the fly as long as you have a decent RAID controller.
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Thanks i used Raid 6 as it is more redundent and i get more storage.
Thanks every one

What a phenomenal waste of money buying a SAN for file serving! You still have to buy a traditional file-server for the users to access at file level plus you have to buy HBAs for it so it can connect to the SAN. In effect all you have done by using a SAN is seperate your disks from the server by a lot of expensive un-needed kit. You're much better off with decent RAID controllers that allow online expansion and SAS enclosures that can also be added on the fly.

Im hearing you.
I did not use SAN or DAS i just used 6TB drives in a hot swappable server case with an 8 port 3 ware Raid card. This card allows me to expand the array latter if i choose.
This is the sollution im using to over come the 2TB limit issues with 32 bit build systems
This is the best money I have ever spent. I cannot not tell you how many times these folks have saved my bacon. I learn so much from the contributors.

Disks in a server case are DAS - direct attached storage is any storage connected internally or externally to the server.

Sorry im relatively new to the IT industry. And very new to RAID, well knowing that, you should have got the points.
Verry sorry about that.
Thanks for your keen interest.