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trim actual characters off string, send mail

I have the following code which works well except I need to trim the following off the output...

So I need to leave everything between <LOC> and </LOC>, and it needs to send that via the email funtion here (which is currently working). In other words, the only thing not working is that the returned string has that extra data in every one of them that I don't want. Thank you.
Private Sub filediff()
Set poSendMail = New clsSendMail
Dim fso, f1, f2, file1, file2
Dim i, j, s, report
Dim found
Dim Diff1, Diff2
Dim d1, d2
file1 = "D:\Utilities\web_sitemap\sitemap.xml"
file2 = "D:\Utilities\web_sitemap\new\sitemap.xml"
Set d1 = CreateObject("Scripting.Dictionary")
Set d2 = CreateObject("Scripting.Dictionary")
Set fso = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
Set f1 = fso.OpenTextFile(file1, 1, 0)
Set f2 = fso.OpenTextFile(file2, 1, 0)
Do While f1.AtEndOfStream = False
      s = UCase(Trim(f1.ReadLine))
      If s <> "" Then
            d1.Add d1.Count, s
      End If
Do While f2.AtEndOfStream = False
      s = UCase(Trim(f2.ReadLine))
      If s <> "" Then
            d2.Add d2.Count, s
      End If
Diff1 = ""
Diff2 = ""
found = False
For i = 0 To d1.Count - 1
      found = False
      For j = 0 To d2.Count - 1
            If d1(i) = d2(j) Then
                  found = True
                  Exit For
            End If
      If Not found Then
            Diff1 = Diff1 + d1(i) + " "
      End If
found = False
For i = 0 To d2.Count - 1
      found = False
      For j = 0 To d1.Count - 1
            If d2(i) = d1(j) Then
                  found = True
                  Exit For
            End If
      If Not found Then
            Diff2 = Diff2 + d2(i) + " "
      End If
report = ""
If Diff1 <> "" Then
      report = "Found only in " & file1 & "  " & Diff1
End If
If Diff2 <> "" Then
      report = report & Chr(13) & Chr(10) & "Found only in " & file2 & "  " & Diff2
      poSendMail.SMTPHost = "MySMTPHost"
      poSendMail.from = "Me@MySite.com"
      poSendMail.FromDisplayName = "Admin"
      poSendMail.Recipient = "Me@MySite.com"
      poSendMail.RecipientDisplayName = "Company Staff"
      poSendMail.ReplyToAddress = "Me@MySite.com"
      poSendMail.Subject = "New URL on Website"
      poSendMail.Message = Diff2
End If
If report = "" Then
      MsgBox "No difference"
      MsgBox report
End If
End Sub

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Fernando Soto

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