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Help Modifying a Stored Procedure + SQL Server 2000

I have a stored procedure that is excuted from an old  vb.6.0 application.  I have included the stored procedure below.

Essentially the only thing this  vb.6.0 code does it use some logic to create the (@FromDate) and (@ToDate) parameters.  I am wanting to get rid of this old vb.6.0 code and think that this could be written more effectively within the strored procedure itself and not even pass parameters as this strored procedure is and only ever will be used for this funtion.  I will post the vb.6.0 data code in my next post so that someone can help me figure out how to do this in a stored procedure.  If a stored procedure is not the way..I am going to calling this stored procedure from within a DTS package..so maybe I could configure the DTS package to do this algorithm somehow as another option.

Thanks in advance!!
CREATE PROCEDURE sp_FieldActivity (@FromDate datetime, @ToDate datetime) AS
-- Delete any previous data
Delete FAR
Exec sp_Open_Disp @FromDate, @ToDate
Exec sp_New_Disp @FromDate, @ToDate
Exec sp_Resolved_Disp @FromDate, @ToDate
Exec sp_Resolved_Grp1_Disp @FromDate, @ToDate
Exec sp_Total_Disp @FromDate, @ToDate
Exec sp_Total_Grp1_Disp @FromDate, @ToDate
Exec sp_Total_Grp1_5Days @FromDate, @ToDate
Exec sp_Total_GrpOther_5Days @FromDate, @ToDate
Exec sp_Closed_PilotInst @FromDate, @ToDate
Select * from FAR

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Microsoft SQL Server

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Robb Hill

8/22/2022 - Mon
Mark Wills

Would seem to be a fairly straight forward process to relocate the parameters as declared variables and then populate them however From and To is being determined...

ie intead of :

CREATE PROCEDURE sp_FieldActivity (@FromDate datetime, @ToDate datetime) AS



Declare @FromDate datetime
Declare @ToDate datetime

set @fromdate = getdate() - 7
set @todate = getdate()

etc etc...
Robb Hill

Here is the vb logic...stripped down alot so all we see is the date logic
  If Weekday(Now) <> vbSunday Then
            If Weekday(Now()) = vbMonday Then
                sSP = "Execute clarify..sp_FieldActivity '" & Format(Now.AddDays(-3), "MM/dd/yy") & " 12:00:00AM', '" & Format(Now.AddDays(-3), "MM/dd/yy") & " 11:59:59PM'"
                sSP = "Execute clarify..sp_FieldActivity '" & Format(Now.AddDays(-1), "MM/dd/yy") & " 12:00:00AM', '" & Format(Now.AddDays(-1), "MM/dd/yy") & " 11:59:59PM'"
            End If
  End If
        If Weekday(Now) = vbMonday Then
            sSP = "Execute clarify..sp_FieldActivity '" & Format(Now.AddDays(-7), "MM/dd/yy") & " 12:00:00AM', '" & Format(Now.AddDays(-1), "MM/dd/yy") & " 11:59:59PM'"
        End If
        If Weekday(Now) = vbMonday And DatePart(DateInterval.Day, Now) < 8 Then
            sSP = "Execute clarify..sp_FieldActivity '" & Format(Now.AddDays(-14), "MM/") & "1" & Format(Now.AddDays(-14), "/yy") & " 12:00:00AM', '" & Format(Now.AddDays(-14), "MM/") & DateDiff("d", Format(Now.AddDays(-14), "MM/") & "1" & Format(Now.AddDays(-14), "/yy"), Format(Now.AddDays(14), "MM/") & "1" & Format(Now.AddDays(14), "/yy")) & Format(Now.AddDays(-14), "/yy") & " 11:59:59PM'"
        End If
        If (Weekday(Now) = vbMonday) And (DatePart(DateInterval.Day, Now) < 8) And ((Month(Now.AddDays(-14)) Mod 3) = 0) Then
            sSP = "Execute clarify..sp_FieldActivity '" & Format(Now.AddDays(-90), "MM/") & "1" & Format(Now.AddDays(-90), "/yy") & " 12:00:00AM', '" & Format(Now.AddDays(-14), "MM/") & DateDiff("d", Format(Now.AddDays(-14), "MM/") & "1" & Format(Now.AddDays(-14), "/yy"), Format(Now.AddDays(14), "MM/") & "1" & Format(Now.AddDays(14), "/yy")) & Format(Now.AddDays(-14), "/yy") & " 11:59:59PM'"
       End If

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Robb Hill

This stored procedure is a daily report..but as you can see from the vb logic..that depending on what day it is in the month it might calculate a daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly report.
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James Murphy
Mark Wills

Well those date criteria can be readily matched, and then used to set up the from and to within the proc...

as in

if datename(dw,getdate()) = 'Monday'
       set @fromdate = convert(varchar(13),dateadd(dd,-3,getdate()),101) + ' 23:59:59'
       set @todate = convert(varchar(13),dateadd(dd,-1,getdate()),101) + ' 00:00:00'

Mark Wills

OK, so let me see if I can translate that yummy code into T-SQL.

Having read it a bit closer, the challenge is the recurring calls to the SP if it is a monday, so the normal 'Daily' run would be:

if datename(dw,getdate()) = 'Monday'
     set @fromdate = convert(varchar(10),dateadd(dd,-3,getdate()),101) + ' 00:00:00'
     set @todate = convert(varchar(10),dateadd(dd,-3,getdate()),101) + ' 23:59:50'
     set @fromdate = convert(varchar(10),dateadd(dd,-1,getdate()),101) + ' 00:00:00'
     set @todate = convert(varchar(10),dateadd(dd,-1,getdate()),101) + ' 23:59:50'

and now the choice is to either repeat the exec procedures for weekly, monthly and yearly, or, put a covering SP around that... probably the latter...

Mark Wills

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Robb Hill

yes...you are totally on track
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Robb Hill

wow..that looks good.  I am going to give this a test and will reply back with what happens...Thanks so much