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Network Devices stop working after reboot.

Hi i have setup an adhoc network using 2 wireless adapters with internet connection sharing enabled on host computer..On the host comp the Ethernet cable is connected which comes from the dsl modem..I have connected 1 wireless adapter to the host comp and set it up to run an adhoc network and enable internet connection sharing for it...On the client comp the other adapter is connected and setup on the same adhoc network and it receives an internet connection...I have set it up like that so that the client comp will be able to use or have an internet connection...but the problem is whenever the host computer restarts all internet connection is lost on the client comp......and i would have to reset the connection on the first computer and almost start from scratch...is there any work around for this problem?I am aware that a network switch or router would eliminate this problem but i would really like to know if it is possible to get these 2 wireless adapters working on an adhoc network with the ICS enabled and even though the hosts restarts the client comp would keep the settings....any info would be greatly appreciated.....
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Are you using windows to manage the wireless profiles?
if so check that they are both set to connect to ad-hoc netwoks only and that your wireless network is on the top of the list.

If not then check that your the wireless software you are using has saved the profile and is prioritzed to connect to your network.

Well at present I am using Windows Vista and yes i saved the profiles on each computer and i am having trouble finiding the option to make sure that the both are set to connect to ad-hoc networks only and yes the wireless network are at the top of the lists....I also get an error coming up sometimes about the IP address conflicting...what can cause ip addresses to conflict?

There should be an Advanced button where you have a list of preferred networks.
In there you should be able to select the preferred type of network. Set this to peer-to-peer (ad-hoc)

You normally get the IP Address conflict bubble when the ip address assigned to that PC is already used by another PC on the network.

If you are using static ip addresses ensure that non are the same.

But since you only get it sometime it indicates that you have Some Static address assignment and DHCP running.

You should find out what addresses are staticlly assigned and add that to the exclusion list of addresses to lease out on your DHCP server(be it windows, router, etc)
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James Murphy

You should find out what addresses are staticlly assigned and add that to the exclusion list of addresses to lease out on your DHCP server(be it windows, router, etc)

Thanks blimster but I don't quite understand what you meant by your latter statement.Could you please define it a bit more in detail for me cause I would really like to try out this soulution.....thanks...

IP addresses are either staticly assigned(you type it in) or dynamiclly assigned(DHCP)

The DHCP server could be Windows If you use Internet sharing, or a your router/modem. This leases/gives out addresses to PC/devices on the network so they can communicate.

If there is a machine/device on your network that has had an address manually(static) assigned to it and your DHCP server which leases out addresses to PC's that don't have an address may assign the same address as the one that had it statically assigned. Thats when you get the conflct.

I've drawn a quick diagram of what I understand about your network
I this correct?
Is there anything else?

If there isn't suppose to be anything else then I really don't see why a default setup would get conflict. Other then there being another PC connected to your wireless lan

Is your Ad-Hoc network secured(password protected)? has it been shared to anyone else?

When using Windows internet connection sharing PC A is automatically assigned an IP address of as the server PC B would most likely get as it's the next available address. It is very limited and you cannot specify an exclusion list or lease range as far as i am aware

If PC B is getting an IP address conflict error then there has to be another device on the wireless lan.

well yes that is the exact setup but i am sure no other comp is attached to the network....its just that as the diagram shows when PC A restarts..then comp B have trouble connecting back to pc A.I will have to reset or do over  or create a new adhoc network on pc b....but it only happens when pc a restarts...other than that every thing functions ok...How i would of liked for it to work was like when pc a restarts then pc B would locate the adhoc network and just reconnect and pc b would be able to browse the internet as normal......but the problem is i would have to reset the network connection coming in from onto pc A then when i either repair it or enable/disable the device from pc A then pc B is able to have internet access.....I hope you understand what i explained but I wont make this an issue too much cause it's an adhoc network which i am using to get wireless internet access to pc B because i haven't got a wireless router as yet.So i think i would get a wireless router as soon as possible.....thanks again and i really understand what happens with static and dynamic ip address and how it works so i think i will settle for that explanation and accept it as the solution.

But I have this new supposedly new ip conflict which i experience using a network switch.The dsl modem goes into the network switch which has 8x ports...and i have 2 other pcs connected to the switch so that we all can have internet access.For instance if lets say I pull out the cable on either one of the pcs and put it back in sometimes i get an ip address conflict......and it's none repairable sometimes...if i take out the direct feed from the dsl modem and plug it in either one of the pcs i get errors...if i restart with the cable attached then it comes back to normal.Then i put the dsl modem feed back into the switch then connect back the pcs they conflict...the only solution i have found to work is which ever pc that conflicts i would restart it with the cable connected then it starts back to work in normal operation....i don't want to make things to complicated but I think that would be my solution to this issue cause i am aware that when a computer restarts the ip is renewed i guess...But this would be my solution anytime i get an ip address conflict error i would just restart with the cable connected and hope it goes in......I don't know if there is a workaround but if there is I would surely like to know if I am doing anything wrong....thank you.
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Hmm thats very odd.

If everythings to be configured dynamiclly then there really shouldn't be an issue.
You should be able to do an "ipconfig /release" then "ipconfig /renew" to get a new address without restarting.

Check to make sure the cabling of the switch is good. If you have a wire going out from the switch and back in it'll cause problems each time something is unpluged/pluged in.

But other then that sound like your routers giviing out addresses that's used. It is a router/modem in one right?


well to be honest let me tell u whats the real deal here because it seems like u are homing in on it..i am deciding to mention it now cause before i didn't think it may have matter that much.The isp i am using is called greendot.They have one of those directional dish on top of my roof.It is one of those Motorola Canopy Attennas its very powerful i don't know how far it is picking up its wireless signal but i am sure its picking up from a couple miles....the router for it seems to be attached to the antenna itself...so i have no access to the router settings or whatever..there is just a cable coming in from on top of my roof from the dish into my house..So i just plug in the Ethernet cable into my port on my computer or even the network switch and i get internet access.So I won't doubt that it is giving out addresses that is used.What do you think?

oh and what do you mean by a wire going out from the switch and back in?

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Well to tell u the truth I can not asks my isp about it cause they would not give support on it.I even emailed them asking if they use a dynamic or static ip and they haven't replied.I am not sure if they would even reply to those kind of technical specifications it to begin with.... I am only using 1 single switch which i bought..i am not sure if the router they have built on the antenna is a router/switch.About bad cabling the switch i have is a 8x port switch from nexxt solutions I have connected the Ethernet cable which stems from the antenna on the rooftop into the 1x port on the switch and i have the 2 other computer connected to the 2x and 3x ports respectively...Even though I have switched around the ports it still functions the same way but still give that problem when we disconnect/reconnect...But I think you may be right on target and even hitting the nail on the head.Cause what i have noticed that just under my roofing there is a small box which the Ethernet cable that goes into my computer for internet access if i were to trace it backwards all the way back to the rooftop on my way i notice a lil box just under the roofing that the Ethernet cable is connected to...It looks like a small box with antenna outputs on it...maybe rp-sma jack outputs i am not sure.......there are about 4 output ports i am connected to 1 of them...so i don't know if that could be acting as a switch connected to the router which is attached onto the antenna...but if it is then maybe i may be using 2 switches as u mentioned...hahaha...this is kinda of funny.But I think I won't make it an issue anymore.....Cause I would be switching too a better ISP very soon they use an adsl connection and I am hoping to purchase that wireless router from linksys to use with that setup.I hope I don't encounter that same IP conflict problem.......But I really appreciate you all help and I think I won't debate too much on this issue again...Whenever the ip conflict arise I would just restart the pc in conflict and resolve it for the while..Cause I know it is only temporary.If you have anymore solutions on this topic please let me know ..thanks again.
Your help has saved me hundreds of hours of internet surfing.

hi i hope i am not to foward but i would of really liked to have u as my wireless tech friend.since i would be setting up my lil wireless home network for the first time very soon i would of really liked to be in contact with you a little more so i can get help in setting it up to the best i can instead congesting the forums with all those questions.i hope you don't mind me asking this but it would be an honour to deal with u on a one on one basis.i can assure u that there is nutin to be worried about cause i am not a hacker or spammer just a normal person who loves computers and like friends who can share their knowledge and expertise and like to help..i know i would learn a lot about networking because of your experience in that field...i hope you use chat messengers ...if u don't mind we can meet up online using chat messnegers.if it is possible i use gmail,yahoo,msn my id is as follows....chillion@gmail.com,chilionfraser@yahoo.com,chillos@hotmail.com if you choose to add me....i am a little bit skeptical and feel bad about using this feature in the forum for this purpose but i am ceasing this opportunity to get to meet u..it would be a great honour...if u dont use any of those messengers u can email me what u use and yur chat messenger if u use any atold.hope to catch u online.

Glad to help. I get stuck in a corporate environment so I tend to lose track to the DIY home stuff so that partly the reason I joined just to keep my skills sharp.

Switch to adsl would be easy as most ISP's send you reconfigured modems/routers so you'll just have to plug it in. They are a pretty easy to setup manually as well as they all come with a web interface.

Plus you have the benifit of controlling your side of the connection.

Fell free to email me on puppet_105@hotmail.com if you have the odd question. I do go on msn but pretty so in response.