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Object not supported error on SmartUpload filename retrieval

I'm using ASP AmartUpload to upload files to a folder which works fine. I'm aso successful in retrieving other form data using uploadObj.form.

However, when using uploadObj.files to retrieve the filenames to I can write them to the database I get an error that states: Object doesn't support this property or method. All the material I've read states that it's .files but it clearly doesn't work.
Variables have been checked, all are valid and declared.

Here is the code:
Note that I'm not doing the response.redirect yet as I first want to get the filenames written to the page to verify they are there.

<% @Language = VBScript %>
<% Option Explicit %>

<% Dim intID, vchThumbnail, vchImage, uploadObj

        'Create an instance of our SmartUpload object.
        Set uploadObj = Server.CreateObject("aspSmartUpload.SmartUpload")

            'Set allowed files
            uploadObj.AllowedFilesList = "jpg, gif"

        'Process the upload

        'Save the file
        uploadObj.Save Server.MapPath("../Media/ProductImages/")

intID = uploadObj.Form("intID")
vchThumbnail  = uploadObj.files("vchThumbnail")
vchImage  = uploadObj.files("vchImage")
<%'Response.Redirect "EditProduct.asp?intID="&intID&"&vchThumbnail='"&vchThumbnail&"'&vchImage='"&vchImage&"'"    
      <% =  intID%><br>
      <% = vchThumbnail %><br>
      <% = vchImage %><br>
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I get the same error: Object doesn't support this property or method: 'UploadedFiles'

Have you tried FreeAspUpload to see if it works better?

I have not - my preference is to get the existing to work (fix code on two lines) rather than deploy a new solution. All down to time contstraints.
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James Murphy

Understand :)

The problem may be with the argument "vchThumbnail"... does it agree with the following constraint:

"To reference an individual file object from the collection you may use a 1-based integer index, or a string corresponding to the NAME attribute of an <INPUT TYPE="FILE">  item of your upload form."

It appears that your code (as much as was presented, anyway) complies with all the other requirements of using the Files collection.

Good thinking.
The code is below. It looks fine to me, perhpas you can spot something.

<form method="POST" enctype="multipart/form-data" action="UploadImages.asp">
            <input type="Hidden" name="intID" value="<% =intID %>">
            <h1>Upload Images</h1>
            You are uploading images for: <strong><% =ContentRS("vchTitle") %></strong>
            <br /><br />
            Click the browse button for the images, select the files to upload from your folders and click the Upload button
            <br />
            Thumbnail: <input type="File" name="vchThumbnail" class="FormBox"><br />
            Large Image: <input type="File" name="vchImage" class="FormBox"><br />
            <input type="Submit" value="Upload" class="FormButton">