Adamm Mover Error: Write Failure! during a backup process

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I have two devices:
- HP  ML350 Server with a SCSI Adapter connected via PCI: LSI Adapter, Ultra320 SCSI 2000 Series.
- HP LTO Ultrium-3 drive with a 1x8 G2 autoloader (x86based) connected to the SCSI Adapter..

Windows 2003 R2 Server installed with the last drivers of the tape installed. It seems installed correctly due to the SCSI adapter, plus the tape drive and the medium changers are detected fine in the device manager. At least without errors.

Using the Backup Exec utility to do the backups write errors were detected. After that i could execute the HP StorageWorks Library and Tape Tools to check if the problem is in the device or in backup exec drivers. These tools detected the same error, which was written in the event viewer errors:
Event viewer Error 1:
Adamm Mover Error: Write Failure!
Drive = "HP 1"
Media = "LTO000003"
Read Mode: SingleBlock(0), ScsiPass(0)
Write Mode: SingleBlock(1), ScsiPass(1)

Event Viewer Error 2:
An unknown error occurred on device "HP 1".

 For more information, click the following link:

Event Viewer Error 3:
Backup Exec Alert: Job Failed
(Server: "ESMDPPFS001") (Job: "Test LTO3") Test LTO3 -- The job failed with the following error: A hardware error occurred.
 For more information, click the following link:

The Autoloader has at the moment 7 Tapes for writting and another one for cleansing. All of them without write protection.

I could read that one of the possible reasons could be the SCSI connection.

Thanks for your support and your ideas to solve this problem,
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Naga Bhanu Kiran KotaCloud Architecture Manager


The "Mover Error: Write Failure!" might be caused if there is a communication failure. The possible reason might be the PCI port sharing. Can you try moving the SCSI card from the current PCI slot and move to another PCI slot. Run "winmsd" and check if there is any port conflict for the SCSI device with the NIC or any other device.

Additionally check if the Removable Storage Management service is disabled in the services. If not disable it.  Perform a powercycle of the backup server and the tape library. i.e shutdown the backup server and shutdown the tape library.

Bring the tape library online first and once the status of the library is ready on the LCD or the green light is lit, bring the backup server online.

additionally try unloading the tapes and put in only 6+1 instead of 7+1 so that there is a free slot in the library.

Then run a backup this should resolve if the issue was with the PCI conflict.

Revert back if it persists.



Thanks for your quick answer, let me check it and i'll tell you about it. I would like to add that i could be in touch with HP support and I've just send the log info (three files, .ltt and .lzt). They are telling, before check these files, that one possible reason is the SCSI adapter model (LSI Logic). According to HP they recommend only two adapters for compatibility: HP SC 11xE U320 and another one which name is Single Channel U320.

I'll give you more details during the day. Thanks again
Hi, finally the problem has been found and solved. The LTO3 device is a SCSI device with two SCSI ports. The "terminator" which is necessary to put in one of them was damaged, changing this little device and trying with another one everything runs now.

Anyway, I appreciate a lot your help and your quick response.

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