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In Flex, how do I make a <mx:VBox> collapse and expand to fit its content?

Within my <mx:Application> I immediately have a <mx:VBox> wrapper around the rest of my content.  The idea is to have the VBox expand/collapse depending on the height of the page I am viewing.  I have several pages of various heights.  The problem is that the VBox takes on the height of the contents within the initial page that I am viewing, and does not expand or collapse when I view other pages with content of different heights.  How do I make a <mx:VBox> collapse/expand to fit its content?
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8/22/2022 - Mon

if you set the height it will maintain that height. If you do not set the height, it will resize to fit the content. Just set the height empty

I was not setting the height in the first place, as you can see below in the code.  I have pasted my main code structure below.  As you can see, the inner VBox wraps my ViewStack, which contains my different component pages (aboutBox, supportBox, etc..).  There is also an outer VBox (immediately inside of the <mx:Application>) that wraps the entire code (except for the Application).  Neither the outer VBox or inner VBox seem to get resized when the ViewStack changes.
<mx:VBox id="vBoxWrapper" width="968" top="0" horizontalCenter="0" borderStyle="solid" borderColor="#000000" borderThickness="1" verticalGap="0">
		<mx:Canvas width="100%" height="60">
			<mx:MenuBar id="mainMenuBar" styleName="whiteFont" menuStyleName="blackFont" top="0" left="0" width="100%" height="45" labelField="label" click="handleMenuBarClickEvent(mainMenuBar.selectedIndex);" itemClick="handleSubMenuBarClickEvent(event);" dataProvider="{menuBarArrayCollection}">
			<mx:Image source="com/komelon/images/layout/komelon_usa_trans.gif" right="0" top="0" scaleContent="true"/>
			<mx:Canvas top="45" height="15" width="100%" backgroundColor="#ffa600" borderStyle="solid" borderSides="bottom" borderColor="#000000"/>
		<mx:VBox id="vBoxInnerWrapper" width="100%" verticalGap="0">
			<mx:ViewStack id="mainStack" width="100%" selectedChild="{controlViewToShow(_model.workflowState)}">
        		<kom:HomeBox id="homeBox"/>
				<kom:AboutBox id="aboutBox"/>
				<kom:SupportBox id="supportBox"/>
				<kom:BuyBox id="buyBox"/>
				<kom:ProductBox id="productBox" show="resizeWrappers()"/>
		<mx:Canvas width="100%" height="60">
    		<mx:Canvas bottom="45" height="15" width="100%" backgroundColor="#ffa600" borderSides="top" borderThickness="1" borderColor="#000000" borderStyle="solid"/>
			<mx:MenuBar id="footerMenuBar" styleName="whiteFont" menuStyleName="blackFont" bottom="0" left="0" width="100%" height="45" labelField="label" click="handleMenuBarClickEvent(mainMenuBar.selectedIndex);" itemClick="handleSubMenuBarClickEvent(event);" dataProvider="{footerMenuBarArrayCollection}">

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I apologize for the unclean way that my code is tabbed in the above snippet.  Basically, the outer VBox contains 3 children: Canvas - VBox - Canvas.  The inner VBox itself contains a ViewStack, which itself contains the component pages (aboutBox, supportBox, etc..).  These component pages are themselves made up of either Canvas, VBox, or HBox of various height, some explicitly set heights, some not.  Please let me know if I can clarify anything, or if you need any further information.  Thanks.
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It worked.  Thank you for your solution.

It worked.  Thank you for your solution!

thank you!
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