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How to to check username and password with stored procedure and based on the result output a result to frontend in asp.net?

I have a requirement that when user types in the username and password it has to check username and password at the backend and if username and password exists it has to return a message "Username and Password Exists!" and if username and password dont match it has to give a message like "Invalid User,Register!".How to do this?
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place a button on your page and, in the onclick event of the button, check that the username and password fields have values in them:
if string.isnullorempty(myUserNameField.Text) then
 'message is "enter a user name"
end if
if string.isnullorempty(myPasswordField.Text) then
 'message is "enter a password"
end if

then create a connection to your database (SQL? Oracle? MySQL?, Access? What are you using as a backend?)
execute whatever command type you like, but I would go with ExecuteNonQuery. You must have a stored procedure on your database to validate the username and password.

I use a label to display messages.
Is there a specific aspect of the validation you are not sure of?

I am using sqlserver 2000 as backend.How can we write a stored procedure for checking whether only registered users enter into the site?

what is your data structure, i.e. do you have a security table with username & password fields?
if so,something like this would do it:

create procedure pValidateUser(@UserID varchar(20), @Password varchar(20)) as
 select count(1)
 from YourSecurityTable
 where YourUserNameColumn = @UserID
 and YourPasswordColumn = @Password

Access this through your data connections on your site. It wil return a 0 if there are no matches, so don't let them login. It will return a 1 if there is a match, and they are allowed to login. I would raise an exception if it returned > 1 because you have identical user accounts.

is that what you need?
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Ok,how do we make this count available to front end so that we decide we can decide on the next action to be done whether to make user login or reject him?

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Yes,Thanks for the Suggestions made.It helped me in solving the problem.