MAC Address / Spoofing

I am trying to test MAC address spoofing  for security.  I've changed  mine using  the free utility at:  Every utility sees the new MAC address and not the old one ( even ipconfig /all).

My question really is:  Is the MAC physically changed of the card or is windows just fooled?   I attach the code I use to get the MAC Address and it sees the new MAC address too.   How can I read the original MAC address in Delphi?


function GetMACAdress: string;
      NCB: PNCB;
      Adapter: PAdapterStatus;
      URetCode: PChar;
      RetCode: char;
      I: integer;
      Lenum: PlanaEnum;
      _SystemID: string;
      TMPSTR: string;
      Result := '';
      _SystemID := '';
      Getmem(NCB, SizeOf(TNCB));
      Fillchar(NCB^, SizeOf(TNCB), 0);
      Getmem(Lenum, SizeOf(TLanaEnum));
      Fillchar(Lenum^, SizeOf(TLanaEnum), 0);
      Getmem(Adapter, SizeOf(TAdapterStatus));
      Fillchar(Adapter^, SizeOf(TAdapterStatus), 0);
      Lenum.Length := chr(0);
      NCB.ncb_command := chr(NCBENUM);
      NCB.ncb_buffer := Pointer(Lenum);
      NCB.ncb_length := SizeOf(Lenum);
      RetCode := Netbios(NCB);
      i := 0;
            Fillchar(NCB^, SizeOf(TNCB), 0);
            Ncb.ncb_command := chr(NCBRESET);
            Ncb.ncb_lana_num := lenum.lana[I];
            RetCode := Netbios(Ncb);
            Fillchar(NCB^, SizeOf(TNCB), 0);
            Ncb.ncb_command := chr(NCBASTAT);
            Ncb.ncb_lana_num := lenum.lana[I];
    // Must be 16
            Ncb.ncb_callname := '*               ';
            Ncb.ncb_buffer := Pointer(Adapter);
            Ncb.ncb_length := SizeOf(TAdapterStatus);
            RetCode := Netbios(Ncb);
    //---- calc _systemId from mac-address[2-5] XOR mac-address[1]...
            if (RetCode = chr(0)) or (RetCode = chr(6)) then
                  _SystemId := IntToHex(Ord(Adapter.adapter_address[0]), 2) + '-' +
                        IntToHex(Ord(Adapter.adapter_address[1]), 2) + '-' +
                        IntToHex(Ord(Adapter.adapter_address[2]), 2) + '-' +
                        IntToHex(Ord(Adapter.adapter_address[3]), 2) + '-' +
                        IntToHex(Ord(Adapter.adapter_address[4]), 2) + '-' +
                        IntToHex(Ord(Adapter.adapter_address[5]), 2);
      until (I >= Ord(Lenum.Length)) or (_SystemID <> '00-00-00-00-00-00');
      GetMacAdress := _SystemID;

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The MAC Address is not physically changed on the network card.  Since we need to use Windows to access the MAC address value is stored somewhere in the Windows registry other applications are fooled by the spoofed MAC address.  In fact in most Windows Server Operating Systems you can change your MAC address in the network card settings by specifying the "Hardware Address" and putting a spoofed MAC address.  

I have seen some license management servers (specifically by IBM) who read the MAC address directly from hardware and therefore are not fooled.

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SarusSystemsAuthor Commented:
Thank you for the informative reply.   It  seems I need to find code that will read the MAC address directly from hardware and not be fooled by Windows.  I 'own' the client and server so if I could find the 'real' MAC address, I can use it to log onto my server.


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