citrix ssl error 37:

when i am trying to connect to citrix server i am getting the error

"ssl error 37:the proxy could not connect to;10;sta02;f20294da9334e62b1ea691a1a0dfe3e5 port 1494"
the citrix client version is 9.2

ADP indiaAsked:
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ADP indiaAuthor Commented:

 Further to the same question wanted to add some more details.

I am able to loginto citrix with my credentials and through citrix i access various desktops remotely.
But getting  the above error while connecting to one of the desktops through citrix as mentioned earliar..
Please help me with this.
I'm taking a guess that STA02 is your Secure gateway server ?

Is the the secure gateway v.4.2.x ? If it is try specifying an IP address instead of a FQDN ( Fully qual. domain name ) in the access gateway config.
ADP indiaAuthor Commented:
we cannot specify an ip instead of fqdn

and if other users try to connect to the same server they are able to connect but for one or two users it gives the error

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Can you tell me what the setup of the Citrix enviro. is please as I need to understand where you might have the issue

ADP indiaAuthor Commented:

More Details about the environment are...

we connect to citrix  MetaFrame server via internet explorer.
The servers are available at remote end in US and we use ICA web client to get connected.
I am able to log into the citrix but when trying to connect to another remote desktop then the connection fails and i am getting that error.
Please tell me in case u require more details.

If you can connect to some servers and not others then it is probably not a problem at your end. I suspect the firewall rules have not been correctly across the entire Citrix farm. Whoever manages the network/firewall will need to verify that the same rules apply to the working servers as well as the non working servers. Hopefully they'll spot a discrepancy.

We have just created a new farm with a single XenApp 4.5 server and added it to our exiting CSG 2 & WI 2.x (long stroy as to why the old CSG & WI).  However we were getting this error also about SSL Error 37 and the Proxy not reaching the host with the STA.

We were able to tracek the issue down from a CSG event log (on the CSG box) where the IP it was trying to connect to was the gold old 169.254.x.x address.  It turned out the the new XenApp server had two NIC, one that was patched the other was not.  At the console we were only getting a single IP listed from ipconfig.  When we disbaled the second NIC was not patches & did a reboot no more SSL error 37 for us.

Has taken us three guys to look at it and 2 days to work it out.

Snip of the event log is

Event Type:      Warning
Event Source:      CtxSecGwy
Event Category:      Warning
Event ID:      3217
Date:            3/06/2008
Time:            12:10:01 PM
User:            N/A
Computer:      <hostname>
CSG3217 Cannot connect to server [169.254.zzz.yyy:1494], client IP [] connection dropped.

Hope that this helps.
ADP indiaAuthor Commented:

  Thank you all for the support.Now the issue is resolved as we made changes at registry.

The changes we are...

hklm\softwrae\microsoft\mslicening\store given the user full permisson to store folder and issue is resolved.

Thank you..

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