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dsrepair fails with -618

I have inherited a netware 4.11 system. Yesterday, it failed and when vrepair is done, everything looks ok. Then it fails to open NDS. Tried to dspreair it and it fails too.
there seems to be no backup of nds files that can be restored. We seem to have a backup files in the _netware folder. Tried to rename the .nds to .xxx and tried to copy over the 000 to .nds with no luck. It appears that the attrib T will let us.  Is there any way to ren the .000 files and see if they can open the database?
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8/22/2022 - Mon

Can you give a few more details?  Is it the only server you have running this version of Netware and NDS?

When you try to run DSREPAIR what does the error say?

this server is the only server in the tree and it fails when running the dsrepair with a -618

/sigh, I gathered that from what you wrote already.  The -618 can throw multiple error messages on database consistency so I was hoping you can shed some light on it.

If you are messing with .NDS files you are playing with stream files so STOP doing it because you don't seem to know what these are for.  Renaming .NDS files will do nothing for you, period.  Your database in its entirety isn't held in .NDS files.

Before you do anything else that could damage your server, do yourself a favor and use a disk imaging technology software and make a complete backup of the entire disk so you can mess with an image, or restore it if necessary.  Do this after you reverse any changes that you've made to the .NDS files.

You are playing with fire.  I don't know how much you have for contents in your _netware folder but it's a dangerous place to play.  

After you back everything up, do you see any files in there like NDS.DB, NDS.01 in addition to your .NDS files?
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THE MESSAGE WAS DSREPAIR 4.10.019 Could not read from file "entry.tmp" offset eb777120

here are all the files in _netware.

at this point in time, we cannot access server, nothing has been changed in _netware.  and the only difference between the nds and old files is the date and the block has a diffent byte count. They both are attributed w/ T  
From what I read in alot webpages .. everyone was saying do server -ndb and run drespair.. no good.
then they said to rename the .old to .nds.. BUT i can't do that .. it will not let me...
so short of blowing nds away of which i don't want to do.. what can I do?



Compaq File Management Utility can normally do it:

Or you can try Toolbox.nlm from here:

Both can be loaded from floppy to make the changes (in most cases) to these files for rename operations.  I've also used utilities from boot CD's to allow me to access the files for copy and rename operations.  I'd make copies of all of them first.

Hopefully the .old set is in good order.  Try one of the 2 utilities and see if they help.

i have tried toolbox.. and jcmd.. the problem with them is that when I try to copy or rename or anything.. It fails... i did make a test and it seems that any file that had an attribute of T, failed in rename or anything.. If i renamed the compress.lst file .. it worked because is was attributed A not T...

I will try the compaq util.. and let you know... But from what i see.. I think tat the T is for transactional and If so unless i can change it or remove the T, this will not work.. but let hope it does...
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Just wanted to let you know that the CPQFM util .. worked liked like a charm.. BUT even after renaming.. the nds db did not open...

Is there anything that anyone could think might for it open or fixit..


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thanks ... apprecaite the help...will make sure any other netware will have a backup