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Using a Send Connector in an Exchange 2007/2003 environment

I have a BE 2003 Exch server and a CAS/HUB 2007 Exch Server.  The default RGC was created between my Exch servers during the 2007 installation.

How do I create a Send Connector in the 2007 Routing Group so that my mailbox users in 2003 can send messages that go out the Connector in 2007?  Right now I have a SMTP connector in the 2003 routing group for Internet messaging.

If I create a Send Connector in 2007 and remove the one in the 2003 RG, the 2003 Exch server will send mail directly to the recipient using DNS from the 2003 Exch server instead of Sending from the 2007 server using the Smart Host defined in the 2007 Send Connector.  

This article (http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/bb125223(EXCHG.80).aspx) makes it sound like it's not suppose to work this way because Exchange 2003 will recognize all scoped connectors in other routing groups as out of scope, including any scoped connectors in the Exchange 2007 routing group, and Exchange 2003 will not route messages to connectors that are recognized as being out of scope. Any ideas?

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