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Need Step-by-Step article on activating SCR target and then re-activate scr source.

Three geographic sites connected with cisco site-to-site vpn. Main office site has
two exchange servers, E2K7-CA1 (cas and hub server) and E2K7-MB1 (mailbox server).
Branch office site 1 has 2 exchange servers, E2K7-CA2 (cas and hub server) and
E2K7-MB2 (mailbox server). Storage group called production in E2K7-MB1 has been
configured to replicate to E2K7-MB2 using SCR. Domain controllers are available in each

I'm looking for a good article on how to activate and test the validity of the SCR target.
I also want to activate the scr source back again after finishing the testing. MX records
for the domain already have priority set to send email to both servers, with Main Office site
at a lower priority number.


Above article shows on how to do this in a clustered node. But we don't have clusters here.

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