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joining two dvd's into one with continuous play

I have two dvd's that were made of two people giving a seminar.  when I explore the dvd's, there are two folders, an audio ts and a video ts folder.  the audio folder is blank and the video folder has:

video_ts.bup  14KB
video_ts.ifo    14KB
video_ts.vob   232KB
vts_01_0.bup  52KB
vts_01_1.ifo    52KB
vts_01_2.vob  1,024,000KB
vts_01_3.vob  1,024,000KB
vts_01_4.vob  543,628KB

I have nero 7 premium on my pc.  i want to combine the two lectures into one long dvd that will be played in a dvd player on a continuous loop.  i will also be adding more.

how do I do this?

any suggestions?
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8/22/2022 - Mon

No probs, copy the two Video_ts folders to your hard drive, rname them 1 and 2
The Audio_ts is always empty since the vobs use the ifo and bup files.
Play the main vob first
vts_01_2.vob  1,024,000KB just to make sure it has the ful video there. same with other DVD vob,
Ok now open Nero Vision make a movie>make a DVD video
Take the first Vob from number 1 and drop it on
wait til it encodes it, then do the same with the send DVD main vob
once both are on drop onto the video line
you can add scrolling txt if you want. once your happy save this first then you use again later incase
go next and make your menues and chapters you can create a chapter mark for vob 1 and 2 these will show on the front menue of the DVD
go next
On the last screen called "Burn Options", save your next stage
then right before you press the BURN button in NeroVision, you would select export or "Write to Hard Disk Folder" from the menu in the upper right-hand side of the screen instead of burning direct to disc  it will create a new Vido_ts folder on your desktop or chosen dircetory.
I find this works better than direct burn but that's up to you, I use Nero Vision 4
Now close Nero Vision open Nero burning rom
 DVD video select New open the video_ts folder on your desktop and copy out all the contents only ( not the folder okay)
paste it into the NEW Video_ts folder in Nero then burn
here a bit of a guide using Nero Vision2 but it's pretty similar

If you need more help or get stuck anywhere I'll be happy to walk you through it


it says it can't be burned to this type of disc unless i modify my settings?

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here is the exact error:

Sorry, your compilation cannot be written on this kind of disc. Please modify the settings of your compilation to make it compatible with the current drive 

also, there is no export button either?  i can only choose to burn it to my cd/dvd rw drive.

it does have a place to name the volume and recorder settings.

what type of disc does it want?

DVD-R x4 best verbatum  good brand
not DVD-RW< never
not CD
Did you backup to the hard disc first? Copy out the Bobs etc from hard drive Video_ts Folder to new Video _TS on nero burning rom

i got it to work.  i imported the two discs and then burnt the cd....

not sure why the other way wouldn't work.  also, i couldn't save it to the harddrive, only to a disc?
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Ok when you get to the final stage preview you'll see this

Final stage
after preview here is where you choose either burn to disc or write to hard disc
choose write to hard disc this can a couple of hours. once it completes close Nero Vision
you will now have a Video_TS folder of this new DVD on yoruhard drive.


Now you need to burn it,
insert a blank DVD
open Nero Smart Start>> make sure DVD is listed in the top panel

then select Nero  Burning rom from the left panel,
 then select DVD video
 then NEW
you'll see NERO main page with AUDIO_TS and VIDEO_TS>> highlight this VIDEO_TS folder in NERO
then> drag and drop
 the vobs etc from desktop video_ts  folder >>(not the folder) only contents

Your help has saved me hundreds of hours of internet surfing.

Opening Nero Burning rom then select DVD video

then click>> NEW from below

Now you'll see this

 just copy all " contents" from your desktop Video_TS to this Video_ts folder
AUDIO_TS stays empty,,
 then hit burn


i have two dvds.  just dump the contents of both video_ts and then burn?
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i got it.  thanks for your help.  i really appreciate it.  not sure why i was getting that message but ended rebooting and the errors stopped.  thanks!

You are most welcome americanmobile
glad I could help out :)
Nero Vision may not have closed something properly rebooting mayhave refreshed the project.
Best wishes