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Hi All
This command works fine from the command line:

C:\>type "C:\VisualSS\SQLCode\R-18_SQLEXPRESS\emp\RunLog5-29-2008 1-00-46 PM.Log" >> "C:\VisualSS\SQLCode\R-18_SQLEXPRESS\emp\RunScriptLog5-29-2008 1-00-46 PM.Log"

But the same command when i run with following script give VBScript compilation error  

' ********************************************
Option Explicit
Dim WshShell
Set WshShell = CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
WshShell.Run "command.com /k " & type "C:\VisualSS\SQLCode\R-18_SQLEXPRESS\emp\RunLog5-29-2008 1-00-46 PM.Log" >> "C:\VisualSS\SQLCode\R-18_SQLEXPRESS\emp\RunScriptLog5-29-2008 1-00-46 PM.Log" 'run DOS commands
Set WshShell = Nothing
I don't know what is going wrong. I want to copy the contain

"C:\VisualSS\SQLCode\R-18_SQLEXPRESS\emp\RunLog5-29-2008 1-00-46 PM.Log"  


"C:\VisualSS\SQLCode\R-18_SQLEXPRESS\emp\RunScriptLog5-29-2008 1-00-46 PM.Log"

Thank in Advanced
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8/22/2022 - Mon

Try changing your wshShell line to this:
WshShell.Run "command.com /k " & "type ""C:\VisualSS\SQLCode\R-18_SQLEXPRESS\emp\RunLog5-29-2008 1-00-46 PM.Log"" >> ""C:\VisualSS\SQLCode\R-18_SQLEXPRESS\emp\RunScriptLog5-29-2008 1-00-46 PM.Log""" 'run DOS commands

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try changing \ to \\ every where

C:\\VisualSS\\SQLCode\\R-18_SQLEXPRESS\\emp\\RunLog5-29-2008 1-00-46 PM.Log

C:\\VisualSS\\SQLCode\\R-18_SQLEXPRESS\\emp\\RunScriptLog5-29-2008 1-00-46 PM.Log

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The problem is partly spaces in the filenames/paths - they need to be quoted in a DOS prompt.

The attached code also hides the extra command window, and wait until the command has completed before returning to the calling script.
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It working fine when i am  hard code  the:

WshShell.Run "cmd /c type ""C:\VisualSS\SQLCode\R-18_SQLEXPRESS\emp\RunLog5-29-2008 1-00-46 PM.Log"" >> ""C:\VisualSS\SQLCode\R-18_SQLEXPRESS\emp\RunScriptLog5-29-2008 1-00-46 PM.Log""", 0, true 'run DOS commands

But when i  change hard coded path i.e

C:\VisualSS\SQLCode\R-18_SQLEXPRESS\emp\RunLog5-29-2008 1-00-46 PM.Log

with veriable file1 where file1 store same path.

i need to use veriable instead of hard code the path.

dim file1,file2
file1  'Souracepath
file1  'Destinationpath

i change it with But not woking

WshShell.Run "cmd /c type ""+file1+"" >> "" +file2+""", 0, true 'run DOS commands


Quotes within strings need to be DOUBLE-quoted.
WshShell.Run "cmd /c type """ & file1 & """ >> """ & file2 & """",0, true

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I try this it  is not going any error.
But not copy THE contain of filepath1 INTO  filepath2.
I CHECK BY giving messages THEN
      Name                                                 SIZE
      filepath1 = RunLog6-2-2008 2-59-18 PM.log            7 KB
      filepath2 = RunScriptLog6-2-2008 2-59-18 PM.log           1 KB

I Don't know what is going wrong . plz suggest the solutions.


msgbox filepath1
msgbox filepath2

WshShell.Run "cmd /c type """ & filepath1 & """ >> """ & filepath2 & """",0, true

Set WshShell = NOTHING


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