DNS Server Network Error (dns_unresolved_hostname)

Hi All

      Any one know how to solved "Network Error (dns_unresolved_hostname) " problems.

     Now our HQ set website as http://serverwww/page1.html, They don't want to register in public dns server, So they recomment us to put to our internal dns to solved name,
    Now I'm already add A Host to dns server (serverwww = 203.xxx.xxx.xxx)
from dos prompt we can ping serverwww and it have reply from serverwww with correct IP address.
But when we try to connect by http://serverwww/page1.html
It show error "Network Error (dns_unresolved_hostname) "

Note: we have no Proxy server
please advise how to solved problems.

Thank in advance.

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Is your internal DNS the same as your external ? Is the DNS server configured to consult it self as DNS or has it your ISP DNS configured as the primary ? If thats the case it will reply from pings but will try to resolve FQDNs in you ISP DNS and it will not find it.
simpsonfishingAuthor Commented:
Dear DCenaculo:
    Thank you for your reply.
     I'm not expert in DNS server, As I under stand, I set DNS Server inside AD Server and also forward address to external dns (ISP).
    I'm also set one of server for Internet Web eg serverwww.domain.com and let client connect is OK.

   But now the web server not inside our office, Now I'm just add A host in DSN server and ping It look ok, But when I'm try to connect by http://serverxxx/page1.hmtl It show error

Please advise.
Have you tryed to put a line in your hosts. file ?

On this directory c:\windows(winnt)\system32\drivers\etc open with notepad.exe the hosts. file and add a line with the ip address and the name of the web server you want to reach.

-Make sure that your browser has nothing configured to use a proxy.
-Run the command IPCONFIG /FLUSHDNS
-try to connect to the webserver.

Make this test and say something.

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