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I need some help with vertical scrollers and images   Here's what I'd like to achieve:

- I'd like to place different images into a table
- when hovering over a particular image, I'd like another image (e.g. a "subfolder" image)  to pop up --see:
- however, instead of popping up the plain subfolder image, I'd really like to pop up a vertical scroller
- and, preferably, I'd like the subfolder image to be the background of the scroller.  

Or, in other words, can I place a vertical scroller onto an image?

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Rob SiklosConnect With a Mentor Commented:

<table align="center" width="500">
<td align="right" width="50%"><a href="javascript:void(0)" 
onmouseover="writetxt('<iframe id=\'datamain\' src=\'endorsementsProfessional-text.htm\' width=\'400px\' height=\'150px\' marginwidth=\'0\' marginheight=\'0\' hspace=\'0\' vspace=\'0\' frameborder=\'0\' scrolling=\'no\'></iframe>')" 
In which browser<br>will this run?</a>

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Rob SiklosCommented:
Yeah, you can just pop up a div, and make the image the background of the div (using css)
ExpExchHelpAuthor Commented:

thanks for the prompt reply... I'm afraid I'm not following you.   Could you pls provide an example?

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Rob SiklosCommented:
You will probably need to learn a bit of css and javascript (try

Somewhere in your page, you can put a div like this:

<div style="display: none;"></div>

Then, when the user hovers over the image, you can dynamically set the contents of the div (the innerHtml property) using javascript.  Maybe you can put an iframe there and set the url to some predefined page.  There are a few ways to do it.
ExpExchHelpAuthor Commented:
Yes, that sounds like good advice.  

Ok, I'm trying to "stitch" things together.

1. I have a nice "tooltip" example
2. I have a very nice "scroller" example

If you don't mind you could please provide me help as to how I could replace the tooltip's text with the scroller. includes the following:

- example.htm (tooltip)
- alttxt.txt & alttxt.js

- endorsements.htm is the scroller container
- endorsementsProfessional-text is used to create scrolling text
- subfolder CSS_scripts includes the required files for scroller

Now, I've already merged the "endorsements.htm" into "example.htm"
- The scroller runs fine and the tooltip pops up ok when hovering over "In which browser..."

My question:  How do I replace the written text (tooltip) with the scroller (make 1 out of 2)?

Any recommendations?

ExpExchHelpAuthor Commented:
Oops... forgot to include the attachment.

I had to change the file extensions.   Pls change the following
- main.XLS to main.js (in subfolder)
- style.XLS to style.js (in subfolder)
- alttxt.XLS to alttxt.js
- endorsements.DOC to endorsements.htm
- endorsementsProfessional-text.DOC to endorsementsProfessional-text.htm
- example.DOC to example.htm
Rob SiklosCommented:
That's too much trouble man.  Can't you post it to a website somewhere?
ExpExchHelpAuthor Commented:

No problem, rob263.   I've posted a zip file at the following URL

Again, here's my goal:
- open up example.htm
- I've already merged a working scroller (endorsements.htm) in the example.htm.
- example.htm also has some text "In which browser will this run? that throws a tooltip.

My goal is to replace the tooltip text with the scoller.   Is this doable?   I really appreciate your support on this!!!

ExpExchHelpAuthor Commented:


Thousand thanks to your prompt and superb help.

ExpExchHelpAuthor Commented:
110% solution!
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