RAID halts at 71% and wont continue...

RAID halts at 71% and wont continue, we ran chkdsk /r and discovered that there were bad blocks on that drive, although it said it was fixed, i allowed the rebuild to run again, and no luck, halted at 71%.  Anyone have any suggestions?

Thanks in advance,

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Share-ITConnect With a Mentor Commented:
to add to the above comments, depending in the drive manufacturer, you can usually download diagnostics utils from the website that will run surface scans on the disk. I'll bet you've got some bad sectors on the disk. Either way, the software will confirm this. Probably best to run the utils before buying the new drive just for that "peace of mind" feeling.
replace the drive.
A bad drive needs replacing. Don't monkey around with it - just order up the new drive.
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computermdnowAuthor Commented:
I wanted to image the bad drive to a new drive, would that copy over the bad blocks. Can someone please fill me in on how to remedy this situation so that everything is transparent to the user?
r-kConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Since this is RAID 1, presumably only one of the drives is bad, and the other one has a good copy. Why not just replace the bad drive with a new one, then rebuild the RAID. Should be transparent to the users.

It is very important to identify which drive is failing first, of course.
computermdnowAuthor Commented:
I tried this weekend, I imaged the original drive, then replaced both drives, then after resetting the raid, i began to apply the image to the mirror set, this froze twice, and during the reboots i noticed the RAID kept on saying its degraded. I think the controller is fubar, so were gonna replace the sys board. Thanks.
Glad you're zeroing in on a solution.
Do post back if that fixes it or not.
Good luck.
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