imagecreatefromjpeg Script Stops Running - Out of Memory?

Posted on 2008-06-09
Last Modified: 2010-04-21
I'm trying to write a script that will create thumbnails of all images that are in a specific directory.  However, when I run the script, it stops running before completion.  I believe that I've narrowed it down to the imagecreatefromjpeg function.  If I comment this out, everything prints as expected.  If I run it with this line, I make it through about 30 images before the script stops.  I am using imagedestroy() after each image creation, but this doesn't seem to help.  I realize that I'm not really doing anything with these thumbnails, but once I can get the script to execute all the way (hopefully), then I'll add some logic to save them.

I'm using a hosting company (1and1), so I am not able to make changes to my php.ini file.  Also, if I comment out all the echos, I eventually get a 500 error, but it's a generic one from my host which doesn't give me any specifics as to what's going on.  I've included my code and am open to comments and suggestions.

Thank you!!

	$strSourcePath = "[path to original images]";

	$strNewThumbPath = "[output path to thumbnails]";

	if (is_dir($strSourcePath)) {

	    if ($objDirHandle = opendir($strSourcePath)) {

	        while (($file = readdir($objDirHandle)) !== false) {

				if(filetype($strSourcePath . $file) == "file"){

					$strSourceFilePath = $strSourcePath . $file;

					echo "Processing $strSourceFilePath...<br>";

					$size = @getimagesize($strSourceFilePath);


						echo "&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;";


						echo "<br>";

					} else {

						echo "&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<b>Error determining getimagesize info for $strSourceFilePath.</b><br>";


					if($size[2] == 1){

						echo "&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;$strSourceFilePath is a GIF<br>";

						$bolConvert = false;

					} elseif($size[2] == 2){

						echo "&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;$strSourceFilePath is a JPG<br>";

						$bolConvert = true;

					} elseif($size[2] == 6){

						echo "&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;$strSourceFilePath is a BMP<br>";

						$bolConvert = false;

					} else {

						echo "&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<b>$strSourceFilePath is an unsupported type</b><br>";

						$bolConvert = false;



						header('Content-type: ' . $size['mime']);

						$objThumbnail = imagecreatetruecolor(100,100) ;

						$objImage = @imagecreatefromjpeg($strSourceFilePath) ;

						imagecopyresampled($objThumbnail, $objImage, 0, 0, 0, 0, 100, 100);




					} else {

						echo "&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<b>Did not convert $strSourceFilePath</b><br>";


				echo "<hr>";





	} else {

		die("<b>$strSourcePath is not a valid directory.</b>");



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If your host don't want you to go above the memory limit they set then there is little you can do.

Can try 2 things before considering negotiating with them or finding a better one:
1. If you are given access to .htaccess (just about all hosts do) then follow a guide line over at

2. you can try to use ini_set at the top of the script:
ini_set('memory_limit', 100) // play with the numbers

Author Comment

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Please correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't imagedestroy() supposed to take care of cleaning up the memory that's used by creating images?  So if I call imagedestroy() for each image that I create, shouldn't my net usage be 0 (or close enough to it)?

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hard to tell unless you see the exact error.  What you should do is recreate the environment that resembles the one of your host.  Run phpinfo() on the server, look at environmental configurations and set up your own php.ini to resemble those.  Then, once you run the script on your own computer it should give a more meaningful error.

Other than memory limit it can also be execution time. Try changing it through either set_time_limit(60) or ini_set('max_execution_time', 60)
Try different numbers there.

And even though imagedestroy resets your memory, if the host has too low memory setting then even a singe image can max it out.

Author Closing Comment

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I believe that this is just a limitation of my host and there's nothing I can do about it.  Thanks for trying though!

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