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I have a client that is going to trial this week and it will last for about 4 - 6 weeks.  They have asked for a printer to be setup in the back ante room of the courtroom and have it connected to two trial laptops that they will be using during the trial.  Both of the laptops are connected to the court's limited wireless network.  The IT guy with the court says that the wireless network is for Internet only.  I do not know if this means he has ports blocked or what but I do know there are many websites that are not accessible.  Would it be possible to have the laptops connect to a wireless usb print server that is running in ad hoc mode to print and still connect to the courts wireless network?  I can do one but not both at the same time.  Is this even possible with only one wireless card in each laptop?  Any other configurations would also be greatly appreciated.  Both laptops are running Windows XP SP2 with all the latest updates.  They will need to print from MSIE, Word, Excel and Sanction II (Legal presentation software).  Running physical network cables is NOT an option and there are no network jacks in the court that we are alllowed to use.  I do have the use of a third laptop if that would help.
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br83085Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Solved the problem using this solution.  configured a linksys wireless usb print server with a static ip of, subnet, default gateway and set it up using the ad hoc network type.  Added a second wireless nic to the laptops using ip numbers & 25, subnet, no default gateway and dns ip  I connected to the print server using the connect to and selecting the print server from the available wireless networks.  The primary wireless nic gets its ip from the dhcp server setup for the court room (ip, subnet, gw, dns I then added a tcp/ip standard printer port using the ip address of the linksys print server and used that port for the printer.  The laptops connect to the internet just fine and print to the linksys print server all at the same time.  The key was not having a default gateway on the second wireless network card.
If you don't have the information on the firewall of the existing wireless access, you will have a rough road to sort out the routings.

It would be simpler to set up another wireless access point which can support a printer.
The two trial access pc can be configured to access this router for printing purpose.

So you will have  two networks. One the existing and a new  network.
That arrangement could make things easier fro you.

User can switch to the different network when need to print.

 >>Is this even possible with only one wireless card in each laptop?
One wireless card can only connect  to one network at one time.
You could however select another network if  you want too.

Hope that helps..

br83085Author Commented:
What advantage would a wireless access point provide?  I can connect to the ad hoc printer already just by selecting it in the View Wireless Networks.  The problem is that I cannot connect to the printer and connect to the wireless network at the same time.
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