Is There a way to export all users contacts to one backup?

Hey experts,
I have a company who had thousands of contacts in a couple exchange accounts.  They want to know if there is a why to backup all contacts off the exchange server.  They do not want to have to go on the individual machines they want it pulled from the server directly.
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kieran_bConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You could use Exmerge to pull those specific folders;

Download and run Exmerge, in the options you can specify to only back up certain folders - in there, select \contacts

You would also need to set permissions correctly ->

Hi, do you mean to backup the personal contacts of each and every user connected to the Exchange server?
tsukrawAuthor Commented:
It there a way to backup all the contacts.  
I ofc have been backing up the entire exchange store.  But is there a way to do just the contacts of all the users at once?
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