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a juggler mentains 4 balls in motion ,making each of them to rise a height 20 m  from his hand.what time   interval should be mentained,for proper distance between them?

please draw a complementary diagram for this question
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ozoConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If we assume a dwell time of 0.5
(which is lower than typical
and if the "1" toss from right to left is an instantaneous toss of height 0m
then the interval between tosses would be 4/3 seconds
that's a pretty high toss, it may take few tenths of a second just to make the toss and catch,
but the balls would be in the air for 4 seconds, and the juggler would have to make two tosses in that time.
4 seconds is plenty of time for a lot of different juggling patterns, the particular intervals
between tosses and which hands toss which balls can't be determined without additional information.
shreshthwadhwaAuthor Commented:
answer is 1 sec.
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shreshthwadhwaAuthor Commented:
and the juggler would have to make THREE tosses in that time.(4 sec.) because he has four balls in motion
so if each ball is in air for 4 sec and there r 4 balls then time interval =4/4=1sec isn't it???
juggling 4 balls with two hands means 2 balls in the air and a ball in each hand.
Even if the juggler does a flash, with all balls in the air, rather than a juggle,
different patterns could be used,  for example, the intervals could be 0.5 sec alternating with 1.5 sec
The possible patterns are actually more limited that i intimated because of the requirement that all tosses are the same height, but see following patterns
4-ball Mills Mess,
4-Columns (Pistons)
4-Synchronous Fountain
4-Columns Switch
4-ball cross A
4-ball cross B
4-synchronous Columns (Asymmetry)
4-synchronous Columns (Symmetry)
4-synchronous Columns (Splits)
4-Mills Simultaneous
shreshthwadhwaAuthor Commented:
consider this diagram

what should be the answer now
Is that a 4-ball shower?
("71" in siteswap notation)
Based on the drawing, a manicure must be part of the solution.
shreshthwadhwaAuthor Commented:
what is a manicure
1 second between throws might correspond to a (8 0) pattern
which would be 4 balls in one hand
but with a dwell ration of 0, which is physically impossible.
lets you adjust dwell so you can see this
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